Beads from Asia

Asian Beads

The ancient people of Central Asia used beads to adorn their clothes and hair. Beads were sown into the fabric of sleeves and head pieces. Beads also symbolized wealth and status. They were used as currency and medicine as well.Asian people especially that beads had magical, protective powers.

The earliest beads found in Asia were made of shells, tusks and animal teeth. Beads found made of semiporcelain provide evidence of early contact with Egypt and beads made of Garnet and Azure indicate contact with India.


The people of Central Asia used beads as a medicine as well as for adornment and currency.

Each bead was encrusted with turquoise, which was thought to prevent bruises, fractures and eye diseases. Beads made of agate were symbols of good health and sanity. Cornelian beads were thought to prevent heart diseases, and if combined with pearls to ensure good dental health as well. Beads made of coral supposedly prevented paralysis and beads made of bloodstone were supposed to stop any bleeding.

Coins or other small pendants in necklaces were also believed to have protective powers, depending on the picture or inscription on them. For instance, coins with animals carved on them supposedly protected the wearer from various disasters.

Source:From the History of Central Asian Beads