Mike and I at the golf course

My boyfriend, Mike, and I enjoying a day on the golf course.

Health Benefits

Golf is a great way to get light cardiovascular exercise while having fun. Amp up the amount of exercise by walking the course. According to Mobley, golf helps maintain flexibility, stretches muscles and works muscles, such as the hips, that other workouts don't. Golf also allows you to enjoy the outdoors and get some Vitamin D.Golf is a social sport as well. It's a way to make new friends as well as enjoy the company of friends who already play.

Me attempting a long putt

I felt the pressure of needing to make this long putt, but when I didn't, I tried not to get upset and just moved on to the next hole.

Mental Benefits

Golf can also give your mind a workout by testing its ability to control emotions. Mobley says playing golf teaches to cope with hitting bad shots, which can help you better deal with emotions in everyday life. Playing golf can also relieve stress and help you relax after a long week.

Ronny Mobley

The Expert

Ronny Mobley grew up cutting greens and fairways on a 9-hole course in Brundidge, Ala. He played in his first golf tournament at the age of 15. Mobley attended Troy University in Alabama on a golf scholarship, and played on two national champion teams. He played on the PGA Tour from 1978 to 1979. After a career as a small business owner and later in banking, he is playing professionally as a senior and teaching lessons.