Me taking a putt


Welcome to Ashby's Guide to Golf - a Web site dedicated to the beginning basics of golf. I'm Kate Ashby and I created this Web site for my Communications on the Internet class - a Web journalism class at the University of Florida. I am currently a junior journalism major at UF. Golfing is a hobby and I was a beginner once too, so I created this site in order to help other beginners get into golf. This site will break down the benefits, lingo, equipment, swing, and tips and tricks of golf.

Me in my backswing

My Experience

I've been golfing since I was youngster, but didn't get into the sport until I was in high school. I was captain of the golf team my junior and senior years. Unfortunately, I don't get to play as much as I'd like, but I think it's a great sport to play for fun. I understand the frustration a beginner goes through because I'm somewhat of a beginner myself. I hope this Web site helps, and I encourage all beginners to stick with it because the skills will come and golf is a great sport at any age.

Ronny Mobley

The Expert

Ronny Mobley grew up cutting greens and fairways on a 9-hole course in Brundidge, Ala. He played in his first golf tournament at the age of 15. Mobley attended Troy University in Alabama on a golf scholarship, and played on two national champion teams. He played on the PGA Tour from 1978 to 1979. After a career as a small business owner and later in banking, he is playing professionally as a senior and teaching lessons.