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This is a good place to find more information about the general care of Rankin dragons. I used this site for some basic guidelines when I purchased my first dragons. The information is more detailed and gives a good step-by-step procedure for setting up a vivarium and feeding your dragon.

Because Rankin dragons are so similar to bearded dragons and information on Rankin-specific care is limited, it is a good idea to browse other dragon sites. This site has a great forum where users have posted Rankin-related information. Using forums is a good way to find out about more specific dragon behaviors and better tips and tricks for providing for your dragon.

Fluker's Web site is a good place to research all of the products and supplies your Rankin might ever need. The site carries a lot of products that can improve the quality of your Rankin's diet, house and health. Although it's best to buy your supplies and products locally, it's good to do your research. If you see a product on the site that your local reptile store doesn't carry, they will most likely order it for you to save you shipping costs.

This site does a good job of explaining the needs of reptiles, which includes your dragon. The site offers lots of health advice and helpful products and supplies. The site has thorough coverage of very basic questions.

Little Rankin sitting