Enclosure with 2 Rankins inside

Home Sweet Home

Your dragonís enclosure should be set up before arrival. This includes testing the electrical fixtures and measuring the temperatures so that you don't have to experiment on your dragon. Once youíve got the enclosure set up, youíre ready to bring the little monster home.

Purchasing the Essentials

The initial housing for a dragon can cost about $150 to $300 dollars depending on your resources. Most reptile stores and pet shops offer housing kits that include all of the basics needed to keep your creature cozy. Buying a kit is a good idea for beginners, and is often the most cost effective, but make sure you shop around. I've found that the best deals will be in-store and usually at local reptile stores, versus standard pet shops, but it's still a good idea to look on-line to see what kind of kits are out there.

Little Rankin sitting