Dragon Diet

Rankins should have a varied diet that includes both vegetables and live foods, along with vitamin and calcium supplements. The best way to make sure your dragon has a healthy diet is to ‘dust’ your vegetable mix and crickets with vitamin and calcium powders. I dust my crickets and vegetables with a Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin and a Rep-Cal Calcium powder each time I serve them.

It is also important to provide your dragon with a shallow dish of fresh water that can be easily accessed. Water should be changed as often as necessary to keep it fresh and clean for your dragon. My Rankins like to run in and out of their dish, so I change it at least once per day.

Vegetables and Live Foods

Vegetables are an important part of every Rankin's diet, but a juvenile Rankin's diet is composed more of live food, while an adult Rankin's diet is composed more of vegetables. Rankin's enjoy a variety of vegetables and live foods, but be sure to provide the right type of food in healthy portions. Fresh vegetables should be offered as often as needed and I tend to feed my dragons until they stop eating. Be sure to remove left-over live food.

Little Rankin looking straight ahead

Safe everyday foods:

Black and brown crickets

Collard (spring) greens

Turnip greens

Dandelion greens

Mustard greens

Butternut squash

Foods to avoid:



Iceberg lettuce

Basic Guidelines

You should never feed your dragons anything larger than the space between their eyes, as this can cause impaction. Vegetables should be chopped up, and crickets should be purchased carefully. Most reptile stores offer different cricket sizes, so be sure to buy your dragon the right size. Also, never feed your dragon anything from your own backyard no matter what it is.

Little Rankin sitting