Useful Decor:

Rankins love to climb, bask, bathe and relax so it's important to have the right elements in your tank. Aside from your food and water dishes, it's a good idea to have a few places for dragon to hide under to feel secure, as well as branches or rocks for climbing and basking. Dragon substrate is also an important element and should be chosen with care. Paper towel or newspaper should be used for baby dragons, while tiles or sand is better for adult dragons.


Avoid “heat rocks” and “hot rocks” and make sure that whatever items you do choose to use are positioned so that they will not fall over. If you choose to keep your dragon on a sand substrate, avoid Calci-sand, which can cause impaction. My local reptile store recommends Reptilite, which contains no artificial dyes or chemicals.


Be sure to use reptile-safe cleaners when cleaning your creature's tank. Food and water dishes should be cleaned daily. Droppings should be removed immediately, as well as any stray vegetables or live food. Left-over live food can really make a mess in your dragon's den. Substrates should be changed as often as needed, which for sand substrates can be every few months, depending on how messy your dragon is.

Little Rankin sitting