Responsiblity of Images

There is no doubt that images are powerful. In reference to Al Tompkins, the Broadcast/Online Group Leader at the Poytner Institute, “When the ear and eye compete, the eye wins”.

Multimedia offers all types of images to its viewers from soundslides to still images to videos.

An image in relation to content can alter the entire context of that content.

Publishing a controversial image is a right, but that doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

Or as David Carlson explains, “What I always say to the free speech argument is I would defend to the death, your right to publish horrible pictures of beheaded soldiers in Iraq. But I wouldn’t encourage you to publish them. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Up to news organizations to exercise judgment or taste”.

While the internet provides very minimal restrictions on publishing images, that doesn’t mean everything we shoot we should publish. Everything should be taken with precaution, as it would in any other platform.