Skateboard photography - learn how to shoot like a pro -
Devon Bledsoe | backside tailslide | by Scott Pommier

Devon Bledsoe | backside tailslide | by Scott Pommier


The still is the holy grail of skate photography. It allows both the skater and photographer a chance to show their skills. These brief moments in time strive to capture a millisecond of perfection in a very imperfect world. The photographer must have a keen sense of when to snap the shutter, as the variety of tricks in skateboarding vary so much each trick has its own pinnacle moment.

For some flip tricks, the catching of the board is the climax. Other tricks look better snapped mid-flip. Even with grinds, the best photo might be at the end or a long slide or grind when the action is most intense, and others when the skater first locks in. It evolves to be a mixture between knowledge and feeling. Here's a look at what the pro's are using and why.

skate photographer by Andrew Pommier

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