Brandon Biebel | switch back tail | by Atiba Jefferson

Brandon Biebel | switch back tail | by Atiba Jefferson

lighting 1

Lighting can be phrased in one word. Drama. The more dramatic your lighting, the more dramatic the photo. If the lighting is flat and muddy, your photo will look flat and muddy too. Professional J. Grant Brittain suggests positioning lights 45-to-90 degrees left or right of to where you lens is pointing. This helps cast shadows to add definition as contrast to help pop the skater from the background.

One of the most important parts of using artificial light is balancing it with the ambient light. Ideally your abient light should be the same exposure as that put out by your strobes. However subtractive lighting is an effective and dramatic technique where you underexpose the ambient light by one or two stops. This technique increases colour saturation and helps the subject stand out, as the exposure for the strobes is a stop or two hotter than the ambient.

skate photographer by Andrew Pommier

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