Hasselblad 500CM with 30mm fish-eye and Canon EOS-1 MarkII

Hasselblad 500CM with 30mm fish-eye | Canon EOS-1 Mark II with 50mm


Although the film format you choose to use is up to your taste, the industry standard is a medium format Hasselblad camera and a digital SLR with of least 8 mega pixels, such as the Canon EOS-1 MarkII pictured here. The Hasselblad is a square format and a favourite for high quality film stills. It was introduced to skating by Atiba Jefferson in the late '90s and once other photographers saw what it could produce, they quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Boasting a flash sync of 1/500th of a second, it's exactly what skateboard photographers demand while shooting in bright daylight. The fish-eye for the Hasselblad made by Carl Zeiss is one of the finest pieces of glass made in the world, and at a price of over $7,000, it's well worth it.

If you can't afford the hasselblad system or feel it's time to step into the digital-age, new SLR's offer amazing quality and convenience. Camera models such as the Canon EOS-1 or the Nikon D3 are in almost every photographers camera bag and are sure to be the future of photography. With digital imaging and post-production becoming so advanced, colour tones are beginning to match the depth of film. And finally the best part about digital is that you can make sure you've got the shot you need before you leave the spot by checking the LCD on the back of the camera to see how the shot came out.

skate photographer by Andrew Pommier

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