Ambien: Sweet Dreams or Nightmare? Culture-Facebook Groups
Ambien Facebook Groups

Ambien and Social Networking

A quick search through the Facebook group database will show you there's no shortage of Ambien users willing to tell their stories.

From bizarre behaviors to embarrassing confessions to descriptions of hallucinations, the wall posts of these groups read like a bad acid trip.

At the time of publication, about 16 Facebook groups were legitimately dedicated to the prescription sleep aid. The names of these groups included such gems as, "Ambien=Necessity of Life," "Ambien gives me psychotic reactions" and "Friends Don't Let Friends Ebay on Ambien."

Several group members mention the fact that combining Ambien with alcohol, which is warned against on the label, gives them a "trippy" effect. Others marvel at their inability to recall any of the previous night's events while others praise the sleep aid's ability to actually help them sleep.

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Ambien Moments

While each group differs in its specific purpose for gathering, almost every one has a post from someone about the crazy, unusual or unexplainable things they did while on the medication.

Geminat Bonaduce recalled the night she made a midnight run to the convenience store after taking Ambien and purchased over 40 dollars worth of "various chocolate products," with no recollection of it the next day. "My only clue was a receipt in my pocket showing all of the purchases I made that evening," Bonaduce wrote. "I can only imagine what those cashiers thought of this mad woman grabbing chocolate covered pringles, ice cream and candy bars."

Andreas Aguila of Ogden, Utah, described the night he suddenly got the urge to melt down several of his girlfriend's scented candles to make a "super scented candle." He put them all in a pan, melted them and added leaves he got from various plants in their apartment. Aguila wrote, "Seemed like the most normal thing in the world to me, and when I awoke the next day, I realized that it'd been another ambien trip."

Ryan McMickle of Seattle, Wash., wrote he used to send his girlfriend text messages that said things like, "becca where are you i can hear your teeth" and "the cheese dispenser is coming after me."

While it is unclear whether the members of these groups get a kick out of their Ambien mishaps, it's certain that they have plenty to share about them.