Ambien: Sweet Dreams or Nightmare? About the Site
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About the Site

This site was created for professor David Carlson's MMC3260 Communications on the Internet course in the Spring 2008 semester. It was built using XHTML, CSS and a few trusty tutorial sites.

It was created by Vanessa DiMaggio, a journalism student at the University of Florida. The inspiration for the site came from Vanessa's own mother, who is a prescriber of the sleep medication Ambien. After several disturbing experiences observing her grown mother behave like a petulant child while on the medication, she felt it needed to be investigated further.

About the Creator

I am a second-year journalism student at the University of Florida. I have plans to graduate early and complete my bachelor's degree in three years. After that, I hope to attend Columbia University for graduate school. My ultimate goal is to work for a major fashion magazine in New York City.

I have written for The Avenue, the arts and entertainment section of The Independent Florida Alligator, UF's student newspaper, for a year and a half now. I was the fashion columnist for The Avenue in the Spring 2008 semester. I have been hired for the summer as the fashion columnist for an up-and-coming national campus magazine called Boosh Magazine. I will also be interning at Orlando Magazine this summer.