All That's 'Free' on the Internet


Torrents are downloadable files that have been compressed to make it quicker to download. They are transferred through peer-to-peer networks. Through torrents it is possible to download movies, TV episodes, seasons, or entire series', albums and discographies, and software. These files are uploaded by other users for download. Sometimes they will come with instructions on how to install them which are very helpful. Also they may come with registration keys, programs that generate keys, or instructions on how to get past these registration code systems.


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Azureus is a great program for downloading torrents. It is probably the easiest torrent downloader program to use. The one problem with it is that is will slow down your computer some. Unless you have a fairly fast computer you don't want to have Azureus running while you are trying to do other things.

Check out the screenshot of it. The top section is what you are downloading it will show a % of how much is complete, a time remaining, and other things. You can download as many things as you want but the more you do the slower they will download.

To get Azureus go here. The download should pop up (if it doesn't reload the page) then click save file. While installing a window called "Choose Components" will come up, it's important to leave "Azureus Core Files" and "Azureus Shell Extension" checked. When you first run Azureus the "Configuration Wizard" should pop up (if it doesn't go to tools then Configuration Wizard). Click the language you want then hit next, then select beginner for user proficiency. Select you internet access speed (if you don't have a high speed connection this isn't for you), then hit next. Then test your TCP port to make sure that's working, than hit next. Now select where you want your downloaded files to go to, and you're done.


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BitTorrent is another good program for this. It doesn't slow down your computer as much as Azureus. The built in search bar would have been a nice touch, but it just gives you downloads you can buy, so it's pointless. BitTorrent is a bit more complicated to use though, so stick with Azureus unless it won't work for your computer.

To download it go here and the download will pop up for you to save. Run the installer when the download finishes,

Finding Torrents

While the P2P page's programs have built in searching clients, these torrent programs don't. You have to go to outside sources to find downloads. Here are a few sites that you can use:

Torrent Scan

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Torrent Scan is great because you can search a bunch of different websites for torrents. Just enter in what you want to find in the search bar and then click the different web site names to check them. The problem is a lot of these sites don't seem to have anything so it can be a pain to look through them all.


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Torrentz is a good place to start a search as it searches dozens of websites and shows all the results at once.

There are other torrent search engines around, and you can even use search engines like Google and yahoo to find them. Just do a search for whatever you want and add torrent to the end of it and you may be able to find them on there.

Downloading Torrents

Now let's get into actually downloading something. Go to To start lets just download anything, so type something into the search bar and hit enter or click search. I'm going to search "South Park". Since South Park is very popular I got back a lot of results. Here's a picture of it. See the where it says 'Up' and 'Down'? Well the more numbers the faster the download. Now click on one of the results, I'll click on the first one "South Park S11E06 DSR XviD-NoTV [eztv]". That will bring you to another page with some portals of where to download the torrent. Click one of those and it will bring you to yet another website. Where you will have a link to actually download the torrent. The link will say something like download torrent or file, or it may just have the name of the file you are trying to download, whatever it says, click on it. Then it will download the file onto whatever torrent program you have downloaded on your computer. From there it will download the file, when it is complete you are almost done.

One More Thing

Now that you have a downloaded file you may think your done, but there are a few problems. Most of the bigger files you can download on here are in compressed format, so you have to uncompress them. The best thing you can do to help uncompress these is download and install WinRAR. WinRAR will help to uncompress most of the files you will download. However, there will be ones it can't handle. When you download something WinRAR can't uncompress, look at what the file type is and go to and search for a program that can convert that type of file.

If you still can't figure it out (or you don't like reading) here's a video tutorial that will show you how to do it as well.