All That's 'Free' on the Internet


Ever get the urge to play some old school Tetris on a Nintendo, or maybe some Street Fighter 2 on a Super Nintendo? Well those systems and games (and many more) can be very hard to find now a days. Luckily, they can be found on the Internet, you just have to know where to look, and on this page I'm going to show you.

First let me give you some terminology:

Emulator - This is the gaming system.

Rom - This is the game.

Downloading an Emulator

How to find and download these different systems are very similar so I'll just use the SNES (Super Nintendo) and Final Fantasy 3 as examples. First I went to Google and typed in 'snes emulator'. Usually the first site that comes up will be the best one, in this case both ZSNES and SNES9x are good programs. So download the emulator program (in this case I'll go with ZSNES). Unzip and install it.

Downloading Roms

Now to find roms for the system go to Google again and type in 'snes roms'. A word of caution before we go on, a lot of sites that have roms for download are sketchy, some have hentai porn adds, and some will even try to infect your computer. So be careful when you go through these sites. CoolROM is a good site for a lot of the older systems so we'll go there to find Final Fantasy 3. Once you are there click on 'ROM Files' than the system you want 'Super Nintendo'. Then Click on 'F' and Final Fantasy III is about halfway down the page, click it. That page will show you some screenshots and make you wait 15 seconds (they usually make you do something like vote for them as a top site or type in some letters from a box), after that 'Download Your File' will appear, click it. After it's done downloading unzip it. One more thing, when you are looking for roms to download, if they have '(J)' next to it that means it's in Japanese, you want to look for the ones that have an '(E)' next to them for English (that is unless you know Japanese).

Running the Rom

To run the rom open up the emulator program and drag and drop the unzipped rom file into the emulator. That should work for most of them. If it doesn't you may want to create a folder for your roms inside of your C: drive folder, it makes it a lot easier to find roms with the less-sophisticated emulator programs. Then when you have the emulator open you can click on load, then click on C:, then your rom file, and they should all be in there.

With that model you should be able to find anything you want, just replace SNES with NES or whatever you want to find them.


Here's a good site to download emulators:

Emulator Zone

As for roms here are some good sites to find them: