All That's 'Free' on the Internet

A thorough guide describing how media is stolen over the Internet.

We've all heard about file sharing across the internet, but how many people actually know how to do it? On this website I'll show exactly how it's done. The common Internet browser probably doesn't know too much about where and how one would go about downloading a full length movie or album.

Most people do however know about P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, networks. These are most commonly used with easy to find programs such as Morpheus and Kazaa, they usually download smaller files such as single songs or short videos. They are common and very easy to use, but can be a hassle if you want to download something bigger, or want to find rare media.

If you are interested in downloading full length movies, albums, or software the best way to go is through torrents. Torrents are used to share these larger types of files. Programs such as BitTorrent and Azureus are used to download these files, they are a little more difficult to find and without help can be very difficult to use.

By consoles I mean video game consoles, such as Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and all sorts of gaming systems like those. Not too many people know that most of the old console games are available for download online. Finding them can be difficult but I know of a few ways to do just that.

The legality of these practices isn't exactly crystal clear. Go to this section to find out more about the laws involved in file sharing.