The Quest for Humane

The American animal agriculture industries claim that their procedures are based on scientifically-sound & humane standards. Meanwhile, animal advocacy organizations take action to oppose what they consider inhumane practices in the agriculture industries.  Who is to say what “humane” really means?

Animal activist groups often claim that if cats and dogs in America were subjected to the same treatment that farmed animals endure, those responsible would be charged with animal cruelty. Conversely, because billions of animals are raised and slaughtered each year, farmed animals are mostly seen as nothing more than economic commodities to those involved in that field.

Animal Welfare

According to the USDA Economic Research Service, “animal welfare is a collective term that describes physical conditions that make animals comfortable and free from distress.” The pursuit of animal welfare standards is directly related to American consumers’ interest in the nutritional value of the animal food products that they are purchasing as well as the desire for confidence in the notion that the animals that they ultimately purchase as food were raised, handled and slaughtered under humane conditions.

Humane Methods of Slaughter Act