- Thermopylae - The Battle to Save Greece

The Battle for Time

"Go tell the Spartans, thou that passest by, That here, obedient to their laws, we lie." -Epitaph of Simonides

Greek Shield

The battle at Thermopylae was instrumental in halting the advance of the Persian army long enough for the Greeks to regroup and assemble the Athenian navy.

The real battle was not that of a lone 300 warriors as depicted recently in the film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel "300."

In reality it was nearly a clash of tens of thousands of warriors from each side, but as the Persian army advanced, nearly 300 Spartan warriors and 700 Thespians stayed to fight while the bulk of the army retreated.

This Web site is dedicated to explaining a bit about the battle, those involved, and its meaning in the Greco-Persian War.