“Tool's greatest breakthrough was to introduce dark, vaguely underground metal to the preening pretentiousness of art rock. Or maybe it was introducing the self-absorbed pretension of art rock to the wearing grind of post-thrash metal -- the order really doesn't matter,” according to Stephen Thomas Erlewine and Greg Prato of All Music Guide. The progressive metal band was formed in Los Angeles in 1990 when neighbors Maynard James Keenan, vocals, and Danny Carey, drums, began playing with friend Adam Jones, guitar. Paul d’Amour, the former bassist, rounded out the quartet. Justin Chancellor replaced d’Amour in 1995, and the line-up has remained the same since.

Tool’s music has been classified as anything from contoversial to experimental to depressing to downright brilliant. Their sometimes-10-minute-plus compositions display a wide range of musical and lyrical ability, creating a sound that is undeniably Tool. In their 17-year career, Tool has released four major studio albums, “Undertow” (1993), “Aenema” (1996), “Lateralus” (2001), and “10,000 Days” (2006). In addition to these, they have also released a six-song EP, “Opiate” (1992), a CD/DVD box set, “Salival” (2000), two DVD singles for “Schism” and “Parabola” (2005), 17 radio singles and six music videos. The extended breaks the band takes in between touring and recording new material allow each member to focus on other creative outlets. This site is dedicated to those side projects. Enjoy.