Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

What you will need to buy

  • Mushroom caps without the stems
  • Coldwater Salad Shrimp from the deli seasoned in old bay and garlic
  • Mozzerella Cheese
  • Mushrooms are very delicate and you have to be careful not to put them in the oven for so long.

    This Appetizer should take no more then 15 minutes in total.

    You want to buy about half a pound of coldwater salad shrimp cooked from Publix. Make sure that when you buy the shrimp you ask the deli man to marinate the shrimp with Old Bay, garlic and to heat up the shrimp. This will cut preparation time.

    Next, your going to take out the stems on each mushroom head and stuff the mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and the marinated shrimp.

    Finally, stick the pan in the oven and leave the mushrooms in for about 10 minutes or until the mushrooms look ready.

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