Five Languages of Storytelling:







Five Languages provided by The Call of Story

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The Language of Sound

"Apart from and in addition to words, there is a fully developed and usable language of sound which we make use of in telling our stories." - Donald Davis, The Call of Story

While words tell the story, sound and inflection give the words emotion and meaning. Without the expressiveness of the voice, a story would simply be spoken words with little meaning. Storytellers use their talents to give the language meaning by interpreting the stories through their own lives, and providing the listener with some insight into the story's depth.

The power of sound is most noticable when a rapt audience sits and listens to an old man sitting in a rocking chair relating stories from his life in the mountains of Tennessee. The man moves very little and his gestures are confined, but the power and inflection of his voice can hold an audience in silent awe for more than an hour.