There are three major eras in the tradition of storytelling:

The Oral Tradition

The Written Tradition

The Modern Tradition


James Foster Robinson

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Storytelling has played an integral part in the lives of human beings for longer than historians and anthropologists can catalog. Take a moment to think of all the times you have enjoyed sharing stories with friends about crazy nights, great vacations, or childhood memories. Storytelling plays an integral role in how we as human beings relate to each other and to our environment. Fairy tales and cultural stories relate the values and morals of a society to the young and old alike.

There are three main stages in the development of storytelling over the years. It began as an oral tradition to relate cultural values to the uneducated. With the advent of the written language, the oral tradition lost its importance, and the written tradition became predominant. Presently, the storytelling as a performance art is experiencing a revival. The new tradition has been called the "Media Stage."