How to Shop for Vintage Clothing

-If you want to begin investing in vintage clothing, you need to know what to look for. There are ins and outs to buying vintage clothing and the older the garment, the trickier it can get.

-First you must decide on some sort of goal or decide what type or era of vintage clothing you want to start collecting. Either select a specific time period or decide to start collecting hats, shoes, sportswear or vintage bathing suits, for example.

-If you are collecting for articles of clothing you want to add to your own wardrobe, you need to make sure the articles are wearable. The pieces must be sturdy and washable. Some people wear washable layers underneath their vintage wear in order to save the amount of times the article needs to be washed.

-Also, If you want to wear your finds, it is best to mix the vintage items with modern fashion in order to avoid appearing like you're on the way to a costume party.

-Avoid frumpy articles of clothing. Look for interesting cuts and styles that will fit to the body instead of hanging sloppily.

-Shop for labels. A lot of vintage clothing doesn't have labels but if you can find designer labels buy them. They are usually of high quality and will of course be worth more depending on what designer the label shows.

-Shop for color. No one wants a bland wardrobe of black and white. Try to have a variety of color in your collection.

-Shop for unique style and cuts. Look for construction such as bodices, hand sewing and linings. These all mean more quality for the garment.

-The sizes you want to buy depends on who you are buying them for of course. If you are buying for a general audience, try to buy larger sizes, as they can be altered to fit an arrange of sizes.

-You can look in family's closets for vintage clothing. You never know what you may find.

-Be careful not to spend too much on items that are available widely in thrift stores. Spend more on older, unique items.


Where to Shop Vintage