Soccer Related Injuries

Injury Prevention

  • Injuries happen
  • Can decrease chance of injuries
    • Stay in shape
    • Check-up before starting training
    • Stretch before and after exercise
    • Use right equipment
  • Coaches, captains, leaders
    • Phone access, emergency action plans
    • First aid and CPR certifications
    • Water and Ice available


Treating Injuries

  • Ice to help decrease swelling after bruising, pulling, straining a muscle
  • After suspected sprains or broken bones
  • Remember R-I-C-E
    • Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate (decreases swelling and pain)
    • Ice every 15-20 minutes


Common Injuries

  • Ankle Sprains- RICE, anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Groin pulls-ice and wrap, rest
  • Cuts/abrasions-clean and cover
  • Concussion- Out of game, rest, watch for changes
  • Muscle Cramps- re-hydrate with water, firm pressure on muscle
  • Heat Exhaustion- weak, pale, sweating, dizziness, nausea
    • Lie down, cool place, small amounts of water
  • Heath Stroke- high temp, red, hot, dry (no sweating), rapid pulse
    • Medical Emergency, Call 911
    • Cool place, remove extra clothing, cool rags to decrease body temperature
  • Knee injuries- ligaments tears and sprains
    • MCL and ACL (help stabilize knee joint) watch swelling
    • RICE
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