UFIC Scholarships

The UF International Center sponsors a large number of study abroad scholarships. Scholarships are awarded fall, spring and summer terms, and vary depending on location and length of program. To apply for scholarships from the UFIC visit the Web site to fill out an online application. In addition to the UFIC scholarships, many UF colleges and departments, as well as national organizations, offer study abroad scholarships.

Individual Program Scholarships

If studying abroad with a non-UF program you can apply for financial aid within that particular organization. Check Web sites and booklets for available financial aid and scholarships.

One thing to be aware of with any type of scholarship is that almost all will ask for letters of recommendation. It is important to make contacts early on so you will have these ready when it comes time to submit all the paperwork. Make sure you pay attention to deadlines and submitting instructions. All scholarship applitcations and paperwork for UFIC Scholarships must be submitted online. No hard copies will be accepted of anything.

Government Financial Aid

Students who receive financial aid regularly can also use that money to pay for their study abroad costs. The University of Florida allows students to use financial aid with any UF-approved study abroad program, whether sponsored by UF or another institution. Students must be registered full-time to use most forms of aid. Bright Futures can be used if studying during the regular school year, either fall or spring terms, but it is not available during the summer term.