The E Scene

For Dennis*, a UF alumnus and ex-user, the drug opened a new level of partying.

The former club promoter's first experience with the "party drug" was at Ultra in 2002. A pink pill, a green pill and an hour later, he was immersed in the loudest music he said he'd ever heard.

"Everybody was on drugs," he said. "It was just a crazy, big party."

Dennis would go on to take about 75 pills on 25 different occasions in downtown clubs, concerts and house parties.

photo by Nicole Safker

The parties were the craziest, he said. Laughter mixed with dance music. Marijuana smoke mixed with the hiss of "whippets"1 - huffs of nitrous oxide from a pressurized canister.

And, of course, the partygoers mixed with each other.

Women with men, women with women, everyone with everyone. Dennis witnessed orgies that filled bedrooms and took part in some.

"It makes everyone feel lovey-dovey, like they can hook up and not have any emotions about it after it's over," he said. "That's just how the alternate world is - no one really cares."

All that mattered was the high, he said, and how it made you feel. X was an escape.

"It gets you to get away from, like, everyday life, you know. It's, f---ing, something completely different than what you're used to in your normal everyday life."


* Source's name has been changed.

1 See "whippets" in the glossary.