3 April 2007, 10:40 p.m.

1412 W. University Avenue


Taste: * * 2/3

Price: * * 1/3

Service: * * * 1/6

Ambience: * * 2/3

Overall: * * 1/2

We feared at first that we might be a little biased toward Deja Brew. We meet there about two or three evenings a week, and our stamp cards have been filled more times than any normal person's should be. Our fears, though, we soon allayed--Deja Brew was not up to par this evening.

Everyone at Deja Brew






The trouble began when our usual table was not available. The indoor seating at the shop is usually full, so we sit at one of the tables outside. Since the southeast table we like was taken by two people studying, we were forced to sit at the northwest table. We were then asked for change by two different homeless men.

"I was hoping they were going to talk to us like the other guy," said Abreu, referring to an incident on a previous evening involving a 20-minute conversation with a talkative homeless man.

Cup from Deja Brew

Even the taste wasn't at its best.

Though the group agreed that Abreu's muffin was delicious, Thagard complained of her mocha. "It doesn't have as much foam on it," she said.

Rouhana at Deja BrewRouhana rolled his eyes. "When I did pizza delivery, I used to drink coffee from McDonald's," he said. "It cost $0.79 and tasted like the styrofoam cup it came in."

The price, though, was just right, said Abreu, who paid $3.18 for her muffin and coffee.

For Rouhana, though, nothing would have been cheap enough.

"I really have no money," he said, emptying his pockets to reveal $0.35. "I wasn't lying when the panhandler approached."

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