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Where to Play?

Throughout this Web site, I try to remain neutral on where to go to play your fantasy sports and I do not link to any sites where you can sign up. Instead, I have placed that all here and have written my opinions on each major site. Here are links to the major fantasy Web sites. Keep in mind that there are plenty of smaller locations to play fantasy sports on the Internet. All of them requre signup, but basic play is free. is the fantasy Web site that I have used the logo and it was also the first fantasy sports site I used. I find that the analysis is first-rate, the free features are useful and the competition is solid. The free live statistic tracking is particularly useful. I play on this Web site, and so do all my roommates, including one of them who is in seven different baseball leagues for the 2007 season.


I have recently joined a baseball league on Yahoo for the first time, fantasy sports and I am still adjusting. My biggest qualm is there is no live statistical tracking after the first two weeks of the baseball season. The only way to get it is with a payment. Other than that, however, the Web site is pretty good for fantasy sports, and I know some people who would not play anywhere else.


I have never used because I do not like it very much, fantasy sports find that they charge for a lot of features that would come standard at The draft this baseball season had problems and was buggy, so I probably won't be using their services, despite a recent line of ridiculous commercials encouraging me to do so.


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