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Less Common Sports

Fantasy racing and fantasy golf are now being played, along with other rare fantasy sports. What do those sports have to offer?

Fantasy Golf

The world of golf has made a transition into a popular fantasy sport as well. More than 10 Web sites offer fantasy golf action ranging from the big names (Yahoo and ESPN) to individual sites that specialize in only golf.
Most of the services offer lineup changes where a certain number ofA golf ball and club. golfers are selected on a weekly basis. The golfers' performance on the links directly contribute to the results of the league. One golfer in a slump? Drop him and pick up another. Every week the lineup can change completely, which is something major sports don't offer their players.
A golfer missing the cut hurts your chances, while a golfer making the cut gives you extra points in some systems. Points may also be awarded based on the place your golfer finishes. While the styles may be different because the sport is an individual competition, the fantasy systems have adapted.

Fantasy Racing

In the same way that golf is an individual sport, so too is racing. Fantasy owners select drivers from NASCAR on a week-by-week schedule, divvying up a certain amount of money on a pre-set number of drivers. The performance of the talent affects the outcome of your league. Every week offers the potential for a different lineup basedNASCAR Practice Racing on past performances of drivers.
Points are generally awarded the same way that NASCAR determines points- a set number of points given in order of the driver's finish on the week.
Yahoo! fantasy racing groups drivers into 3 groups: the A list, the B list, and the C list. Restrictions on which drivers are usable are based on what list the drivers belong to. Only one driver from the A list is usable per week, two from the B list, and one from the C list.

Fantasy Cricket

A bowler in the process of bowling.Though it may not be the most popular game in the states, fantasy cricket has taken on a huge calling elsewhere in the world. The game itself is similar to baseball, so the drafting-of-a-team aspect is not new. Team owners select a number of cricketers (yes, that's what they're called, cricketers) for different positions: batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicket keepers.
Cricket has its own set of statistics like baseball, and these stats are reflected in fantasy cricket's scoring systems. Positive stats, such as scoring more than 50 runs, may be rewarded. Negative statistics, including getting a golden duck (being out on the first pitch seen) can cost owners points.
While it isn't baseball, something has the rest of the world hooked on cricket. Check it out, even if it's just for a laugh. An attempt to read an article summarizing a cricket game will prove futile for most Americans.