Every Spring University of Florida associate professor of journalism John Freeman takes his JOU4604 advanced photography class on a one-day field trip to the historic town of High Springs, just outside of Gainesville.

With a population of 3,863 people, according to the 2000 US Census data, High Springs has many visually stimulating situations which providing real life happenings that students can photograph.

Historic Main Street serves as a central location within the town, lined with family owned businesses such as feed stores, bike shops, and antique sales. Another site and sound that is familiar to High Springs residence and has become a token image amongst the photo trips to high springs, is the Peanut Factory that sits off Main Street next to the railroad tracks.

In May of 1888 High Springs received its name and was later incorporated in 1892. The town, when discovered in 1847 and with an expansion of the Savannah, Florida, and Western Railroad became a mining town right in the heart of Florida. With only one post office and a train station, the town formerly known as Santaffey was established in 1884. This was the beginning of the agricultural center that is still thriving in High Springs.

In September of 1896 the town of High Springs experienced severe windstorms that destroyed parts of the city and cause extreme damage to many businesses. Following the wind storms came devastating fires in 1898 and then again in 1912. Some structures from those fires have yet to be rebuilt.

Professor Freeman's trip to High Springs is open to Photojournalism majors who have already taken JOU3601.