The Coquí

Instead of crickets and cicadas, in Puerto Rico, the sound that dominates the night is the chorus of the Coquí. These tiny frogs can be heard all over the island with their song. The noise they make sounds like they are saying, "ko-kee." Although their small size makes them hard to find, they have become a symbol for the island, almost like a mascot.

Coquí frog on a branch - from - author: caribbean free photo

from by carbbean free photo

El Yunque

With 28,000 acres and 240 species of trees and plants, El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Park System. It is home to 13 of the 16 species of Coquís and other species like the Puerto Rican Parrot. Activities for visitors include hiking, camping, horseback riding and many waterfalls to bathe in.

A view from one of the peaks in El Yunque - from - author: Jaime Olmo

from by Jaime Olmo


Since Puerto Rico is an island, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches. The dramatic coastlines make for some amazing settings. The beaches and the waters just of the coast are also known worldwide for their great snorkeling and scuba diving. Recently however, Puerto Rico has been getting a significant amount of publicity for its surf. Regarded as some of the best in the world, the island is sometimes referred to as the "Hawaii of the Atlantic." While the whole north coast gets surf in the winter, the northwest corner is considered the best region on the island. Here is an interactive surf map to help you explore the island's surf spots.

View from atop a cliff in Aguadilla