The Cuatro

Evolving from the classic Spanish guitar, the cuatro is a small stringed instrument, about 3/4 the size of a guitar and it has five double strings. It can be found in many types of music on the island, including folk music and plenas.

A man plays the cuatro - from - author: amarre

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The Güiro

Thought to have been invented by the Taínos, the güiro is a hollowed out gourd with ridges notched on one of its sides. It is played by scraping a wire fork against the ridges. The güiro is used in most of the music on the island.

A woman plays the guiro - from - author: republic of Avalon Radio

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Hollowed out gourds are filled with pebbles or dried beans. A handle is attached and the musician then shakes it to produce the sound.

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A hand-held drum similar to the tambourine, the pandereta/pandero is used mainly in Plena songs. Three sizes are typically used, each playing a different role.

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