Volume Seven: Zero

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Chapter 53: Scream

The investigation team, with their faces covered, goes over to Higuchi and arrests him. Mogi gives him a headset, and through the headset, L demands that Higuchi tell him how he has been killing, threatening to torture him if he refused to cooperate. Higuchi tells him that there is a notebook that kills whoever’s name you write in it and that the notebook is in his bag. Soichiro checks to his bag and touches the notebook. However, Soichiro is surprised to find himself face-to-face with Rem. He screams in horror at this sight. Mogi goes over to console Soichiro and picks up the notebook. He can now see it too.

L demands that they hand him the notebook. L picks it up and sees Rem. Now, it all makes sense in L’s head. The diary entry said that they should show their notebooks in Aoyama, and Light and Misa met in Aoyama. L realizes that there is probably more than one notebook. Meanwhile, Light takes the notebook from L in order to see what the fuss was about.

In an instant, all of Light’s memories concerning the Death Note come pouring back to him.

Light tells L that it’s unbelievable that a notebook can kill a person and then goes to his laptop in order to compare the names of the victims with the names in the notebook.

Light then says, “I’ve won… exactly as planned!”

Chapter 54: Inside

In a flashback sequence dating all the way back when Misa was detained by L, Light asks Rem and Ryuk what happens to the ownership of the notebook once a human has given it up. They answer that ownership reverts back to the original shinigami owner. Then, L asks if only one notebook is needed to retain all memories. They confirm this. L also asks if he can only regain the memories of the Death Note by regaining ownership of the Death Note. Rem answers that all that is needed to regain the memories is to touch the notebook. However, once a human loses contact with the notebook and he has not reclaimed ownership, then his regained memories will once again vanish.

Light then gives up the ownership of the Death Note and returns his Death Note to Ryuk. In turn, Ryuk gives the notebook to Rem. Then, Light instruct to give the notebook to a greedy human being who is willing to kill anyone for personal gain. However, this person must promise to continue killing criminals in exchange. Light promises Rem that if she does this, Misa will be free from her confinement. If she is never liberated, then Rem has every right in the world to kill Light.

Light then buries the other notebook in the forest where he plans to have Misa find it later. He plans to throw off L’s suspicion of him by working closely with him to find the new Kira. Once L and his investigation team has gained possession of the Death Note, Light will touch it and kill the current owner of the notebook, thus regaining ownership. Light has even prepare a piece of the Death Note that is hidden inside his watch in order to kill the current Death Note owner.

Back in the present, Higuchi is being taken away by the investigation team. Being careful not to let himself get spotted by L, Light takes out the Death Note piece in his watch and write Higuchi’s name in blood. Higuchi collapses.

Chapter 55: Creation

  Back at the headquarters, the team wonders how Higuchi could have suddenly died. They ask Rem, whom they can all see now, and she reveals nothing in order to protect Misa. Aizawa reads the rules of the Death Note. He turns to the back of the book and read two additional rules:

If the person using the note fails to consecutively write names of people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die.

If you make this note unusable by tearing it up or burning it, all the humans who have touched the note will die.

Rem realizes that Light made Ryuk write two fake rules down in the Death Note in exchange for an apple.

However, the team now concludes that Light and Misa cannot be Kira and the second Kira because they were detained for more than 13 days without writing a name down in the notebook, and they didn’t die. L, sadly, agrees. Unable to destroy it, the team decides to lock the notebook up where no one can find it. L asks Rem if there are other notebooks and if the same rules apply to all of them. Rem says they do and doesn’t tell L that the two rules are fake, in order to protect Misa.

Even though he still suspects Light, L agrees to remove the handcuffs from him However, Light volunteers to keep helping the Kira investigation. Afterwards, L questions Rem that if the “eyes” that the second Kira mentioned were the eyes that allow a human to see a person’s name when they see their face. Rem does not deny it, but tells L that he can only tell the details of the “eye trade” to the owner of the Death Note. L realizes that if Misa was indeed the second Kira, she probably saw his name that day when they met at To-Oh University. However, Misa seems to have lost her memories, and the fake rule said that if an owner doesn’t use the notebook after 13 days, they die.

Misa has been freed and says good-bye to Light who is staying with the investigation. When Misa hugs him, Light whispers in her ear that she should dig up something at the location that he tells her.

Chapter 56: Embrace

Misa digs up the Death Note in the forest and regains her memories. Along with the notebook, there is a note instructing Misa to remember L’s real name from the time she met him at To-Oh University. She should write his name down on the Death Note but not until after Light gives her the word. He also instructs her to get a piece of the Death Note, rebury the notebook, and touch Light with a piece of it.

However, Misa soon becomes miserable once again because she can’t remember L’s real name. Just then, Ryuk appears from the shinigami realm. Misa gives him an apple from Light. She explains to Ryuk that she wants to make the shinigami eye trade once again because she can’t remember L’s name, and he doesn’t want to disappoint Light. Ryuk agrees but warns that her lifespan will once again be cut in half.

Light knows that he can now kill L anytime he wants to if Misa remembers his name. If she doesn’t, he expects her to make the shinigami eye trade once again. Misa comes back to the headquarters and is standing in front of the security cameras. Rem is shocked to find Ryuk standing behind Misa. She realizes, to her horror, that Misa has once again made the eye trade with a shinigami.

Light goes downstairs to greet Misa, and she touches him with a piece of the notebook. Light can see Ryuk once again. Light pretends to be shocked at Misa making the eye trade, however, he promises that once L is gone, she will be part of his new utopian world.

Chapter 57: Two choices

Light instructs Misa to continue writing the names of criminals in the Death Note so that they can avert suspicion once again.

L continues to grill Rem with questions about the nature of the notebook. When he sees Light’s tenacity in staying with the investigation, he wonders if he’s the one now being watched.

The next day, Aizawa comes by with the news that Kira has continued killing criminals once again. Rem realizes that it must be Misa doing this.

L notes that it’s suspicious that there’s another notebook out there, and this happens the moment that Misa is set free. Rem begins to worry about Misa, and Light smiles. L talks about finding out the identity of Kira and forcing them to write his own name down in the notebook in order to test it out. Rem realizes that eventually L will find Misa, and most likely, she will receive the maximum punishment.

Then, it dawns on Rem. This is part of Light’s plan. Light wants Rem to save Misa’s life by writing down L’s name on the Death Note. Because she will write down L’s name to save Misa’s life, Rem will most certainly die. However, she can’t kill Light in retaliation because he is the only one that can possibly avert suspicion away from Misa. She will be caught quicker if Light dies. Rem now has a choice: either both Rem and L die or Misa dies.

Meanwhile, L is still terribly confused about the whole ordeal, especially about the 13 day rule. He finally decides to test out the 13 day rule by having a criminal write down a name in the Death Note. If the criminal is still alive after 13 days, then the rule will be proven to be a fake. If this happens, Misa will certainly be captured.

Rem panics and leaves the room.

While Watari is talking to L over the computer screen, he suddenly collapses.

Chapter 58: The Feelings Within

All of the investigation data is erased, which means one thing: Watari is dead.

The team notices that Rem is missing, and L quickly realizes that the shinigami must have killed Watari.

As he’s about to tell the team of his discovery, L collapses.

Light holds the dying L in his arms and looks down on him, smiling fiendishly.

L finally realizes that he was right all along. Light is Kira. He has always been Kira. And he will continue to be Kira.

Then, L closes his eyes and dies.

Rem is wasting away in the other room. Her whole body is turning into dust.

Panicked, the investigation team takes L to the hospital where he is pronounced dead. Pretending to be angry, Light goes to search for the shinigami that killed L.

In reality, Light knows that he quickly has to find the remains of Rem and retrieve the Death Note she left behind. He does so and shows the team the remains of a shinigami.

Then, Light swears that he will avenge L’s death.

However, for now, Light has won. He has gotten rid of Watari. Most importantly, he has outsmarted L, and now he is out of the way.

Now, there is no one stopping Light from being god of a new world.

            Chapter 59: Zero

The investigation group is surprise to read in the newspaper that Watari, whose real name was Quillsh Wammy, was a world-renowned inventor who opened up several orphanages.

In one of Watari’s orphanages called Wammy’s House, one of the caretakers notices that his cell phone is counting down the hours until all of L’s data is deleted. Meanwhile, an orphan named Mello plays soccer outside while another orphan named Near stays inside playing with puzzle pieces.

Back at the headquarters, Soichiro tells the team that he couldn’t tell the director of the NPA about L’s death because he fears that he will completely stop the Kira investigation. They decide that in order to avert suspicion of L’s whereabouts, they have to pretend L is still alive. They all elect Light to play the part of the new L. Light thinks to himself that with L now gone, it is easy to do whatever he pleases. They also decide that Soichiro will be the one to hide the Death Note from now on.

Kira definitely exists, and he’s using another notebook. The investigation team is determined to catch him.

Light, Misa, and Ryuk are walking down the street commenting on Light’s new-found victory. Light asks Misa to live in an apartment with him, and they shall build a new world together.

The countdown clock that the orphanage caretaker has been keeping track of has finally reached zero. All of the data about L has been erased, and a messages flashes on the phone, “L is dead.”

The caretaker calls both Near and Mello into his room, and tells them the bad news.

Chapter 60: Kidnapping

 In this chapter, several fact blurbs are shown. They reveal that Wedy, Aiber, and the remaining members of the Yotsuba group all die soon afterwards. On May 1st, 2005, “L” requests that all police and media refrain from making suspects’ faces public. In response, the internet is flooded with information and pictures of criminals. “Light Yagami continues to brilliantly play the roles of both L and Kira.”

Four years later, an odd blond eighteen-year old named Near who plays with his hair and sits with one leg up to a chair talks with the president of the United States along with the director of the FBI. Near tells the president that he believes that the real L is dead and that Kira kills using a notebook of death that still resides with the Japanese police. The president asks who he is, and the director of the FBI answers that he is L’s true successor.

The president establishes the SPK (the Special Provisions for Kira), a group composed of FBI and CIA agents working with Near as leader to catch Kira.

On April 2009, Light Yagami, age 23, enters the National Police Agency and is assigned to the Intelligence and Information Bureau. Kira continues to pass judgment on criminals, and the world is divided into the people that cower in fear and the people that think he is a god.

The investigation team is spending some time at Soichiro’s house and talking to Light’s sister, Sayu. Suddenly, Aiwaza calls them saying that the director of the NPA has been kidnapped. They ask if the kidnappers made any demands. Aiwaza tells them that the kidnappers want the Death Note in exchange for the director’s safety.

Light is astounded that someone else outside the Kira investigation team knows of the Death Note’s existence.

Meanwhile, a young man named Mello, who is always seen munching on chocolate bars, has held the director of the NPA captive. They ask him who the members of the NPA force that worked on the Kira investigation with L are. The NPA director reveals the name of the investigation team—among them, Soichiro Yagami. He also reveals to the NPA director that America knows about the existence of the Death Note and will do whatever is in their power to obtain it.

The next day, the NPA gets a visit from an FBI agent. He tells them that he does not trust the Japanese police and wants them to hand over the notebook. Soichiro accuses the FBI agent of kidnapping the director of the NPA, but the FBI agent denies this. The SPK and Near is listening to this conversation.

One of Mello’s bodyguards tells him that the director of the NPA has hung himself. Mello realizes that this was the work of Kira. He is now determined to abduct Soichiro Yagami’s daughter, Sayu.

Chapter 61: Number Two

In this flashback scene, the caretaker at Wammy’s House tells Near and Mello that L is dead. Mello is shocked while Near quietly comments that L lost his life because he could not solve the “puzzle”. Because L has died without choosing an heir, the caretaker suggests that Mello and Near work together to catch Kira. Mello, however, is tired of coming number two behind Near. He decides to leave the orphanage and catch Kira in his own way.

In the present day, Mello’s gang asks him why he’s so obsessed with the notebook. He answers because he wants to find Kira before Near does.

Back at the NPA headquarters, Soichiro refuses to hand the Death Note to the FBI agent. He gets a call from Near who orders that he tell Soichiro that they are willing to help them in the investigation and if he does trade the notebook for the director’s life, they will have a chance to retrieve the notebook for themselves. The investigation team agrees to let the FBI help them retrieve the director of the NPA.

However, the kidnappers call Soichiro telling him that the director is dead and that the notebook will now be traded for Soichiro Yagami’s daughter Sayu. Light is upset that he didn’t see through the director’s kidnapping as a possible diversion.


First off, I have to commend Obata’s artwork for furthering character development. The drawings of innocent, amnesiac Light Yagami serves as a reminder of what Light could have been without the influence of the Death Note. His eyes are wider and more innocent, and there are less moments of internal monologue. Light Yagami with the Death Note looks more menacing and arrogant with shadows on his face.

Of course, the big event in Volume seven is L’s death. Manipulating Rem into killing him is the result of Light’s heartless plan to kill anyone that gets in his way. L was extremely close in figuring out the true identity of Kira. However, Light had the advantage of the shinigami on his side. It proved to be a much more powerful weapon than L could have ever deduced. However, in his final moments, L realized that he was right all along and regrets being killed before taking any action.

L had always been Light’s number one enemy. Now that he is gone, Light has no one on his intelligence level to challenge him. Even though he kills other expendable members of the investigation team like Wedy and Aiber, he decides not to kill the NPA agents in order to avoid suspicion. Kira is now free to rule the world and build his crime free utopia. Even though the NPA task force is still officially investigating the Kira case, Light, who officially joins at the age of 23, leads the Kira investigation in circles with dead-end leads. Meanwhile, he and Misa are killing criminals and cleansing their new world. Five years after L’s death, Light has become a little complacent because he has no one making him think on his feet. 

Luckily, we are introduced to L’s heirs, Mello and Near, in this volume.

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