Volume Four: Love

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Chapter 26: Reversal

At the investigation headquarters, L elaborates on his plan further. He doesn’t want to reveal to Light the possibility that this might be a fake Kira because he wants to test him. Light is very clever and if he was truly Kira, L deduces that he would not reveal the existence of a second Kira until after L is dead. However, if he does point out that this might be the work of a fake Kira, Light will be mostly cleared from suspicion.

Light goes to the Kira investigation headquarters, and L shows Light the evidence gathered from the tapes. Light watches the tape and decides to let things take their course by not revealing that this may be a second Kira. However, Light quickly realizes that this was a trap set up by L. He tells L that this may have been the work of a second Kira with even greater powers by the first. As Soichiro breathes a sigh of relief, L tells Light that they were thinking the exact same thing and that he wants him to help with the investigation by playing the part of the real Kira. A stunned Light writes a message from the real Kira to the second Kira that they will broadcast on TV.

Misa is eagerly watching television at her apartment when the news station announces that they must broadcast a video tape from another person claiming that he is the real Kira. The “real Kira” says that even though he is pleased that there are people willing to help him with his goals, he wants the fake Kira to discontinue the killing of innocent people or else he’ll pass judgment on the imposter.

Misa sends Kira a response. The investigation task force watches it as soon as Sakura TV receives it. The second Kira proclaims that she will do as Kira pleases. Light is disappointed that the second Kira continue forcing L to show his face on TV. Then, the second Kira says that she wants to meet the real Kira and that she doesn’t think that he has “the eyes” and that they can show their shinigami to each other. L and the investigation team are puzzled by these terms. Light finds it stupid that the second Kira would reveal something like that on TV.

Chapter 27: Love

L is confused as to why the second Kira would mention shinigami to the real Kira. Light tells him that he must mean in a literal sense, and the word must have a special meaning between them. L deduces that the second Kira must not be acting according to the real Kira’s plans because he failed to force L to appear on TV. The second Kira’s goal was just to meet Kira. Therefore, L plans to not respond to the second Kira’s message and let the real Kira handle this situation. He thinks that eventually, the second Kira will start revealing important information about the nature of their powers, and it will force the real Kira to actually respond.

Meanwhile, Misa asks her shinigami Rem about the origins of her Death Note. Rem reveals to her an important shinigami rule:

The way to kill a shinigami is to make them fall in love with a woman.

Rem tells Misa the story of Gelus who fell in love with Misa and saved her from getting killed by a crazed stalker by writing down the name of the killer in his Death Note, thus killing him before he killed her. Since Gelus was in love with Misa and shinigami only exist to shorten life, not extend it, he died and turned to dust. Rem picked up his Death Note and gave it to Misa.

Misa begins to get anxious because Kira has not responded to her message. She decides to send another one.

Meanwhile, Light brainstorms as to how he can control the second Kira without L finding out about it. He gets a call from his father who tells him that the second Kira has sent Sakura TV her diary. Soichiro points out a critical entry in the diary:

30th—We confirmed our Shinigami at the Giants game at the Tokyo Dome

Light, however, is more interested in these entries.

22nd—My friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama.

23rd—I ran into HIM in the cafeteria. He was eating pork cut.

Chapter 28: Judgment

At Misa’s apartment, Rem discuses with her about another shinigami rule:

A human with the shinigami eyes cannot see the remaining lifespan of other Death Note owners, including him/herself.

Rem also tells her that a shinigami is not allowed to tell Death Note owners how much life they have left.

Back at the headquarters, L and Light are discussing the second Kira’s diary. Light decides not to tell L about the “notebook” entry while the investigation team zeroes in on the “30th” entry. They decide to broadcast the diary on television and cancel the Giants game at the Tokyo Dome that day so that the police can investigate. However, L realizes that the second Kira may not be that stupid, and he might have hidden other messages for Kira in the diary. Among them, L points to the entry where second Kira mentions a notebook in each of the locations mentioned in the diary, including Aoyama. He wants cameras installed in the streets of Aoyama, and police officers dressed as citizens looking out for any suspicious behavior. Light volunteers to go to Aoyama. L wonders that if Light was Kira, he volunteered in order to find the second Kira before the police.

Also, L orders his investigation team to strengthen security and destroy all photos of themselves, in case Kira and the second Kira ever do join forces. If Kira realizes that the second Kira has the ability to kill people just by looking at them, the real Kira might gain this power.

Matsuda, who is accompanying Light to Aoyama, gets a call from L who orders him to secretly keep an eye on Light.

When Light arrives home, Light asks Ryuk if shinigami are allowed to interact with each other in the human world. Ryuk answers that there’s no rule against it, but personally, he feels like shinigami shouldn’t tell humans about other Death Note owners.

It’s May 22nd, and Matsuda hanging out with Light who is talking to a group of his friends in Aoyama. Light passes by a restaurant where Misa is sitting in disguise. With her shinigami eyes, she sees Light’s name, but no lifespan. She has finally found Kira. However, she decides to go home and do research.

Chapter 29: Weapon

Misa is amazed that Kira is so young and good-looking. She looks up his address.

On May 25th, the Kira investigation task force is meeting with L and Light. They note that they discovered no unusual behavior on the 22nd in Aoyama and the 24th in Shibuya. Light wonders if he should go to the Tokyo Dome like the diary says to meet the second Kira since he obviously didn’t see her in Aoyama.

Suddenly, Watari sends the group a message sent by the second Kira that was postmarked on the 23rd. The second Kira says in the video that he has found Kira. Light is confused because he didn’t see anyone with a notebook at Aoyama. L has deduced that the second Kira found Kira on the 22nd in Aoyama, when Light was there. L orders the police to air a message offering immunity for the second Kira in exchange for information on the real Kira. Shocked at hearing this message, Misa decides to visit the real Kira.

Misa introduces herself to Light as Misa Amane and then lets him touch her notebook. Light sees the shinigami Rem. Light has finally found the second Kira.

Light leads her up to her room, telling her mother that she’s his girlfriend. Then, Light asks her how she knew he was Kira. Misa explains to him about the fact that people with shinigami eyes can’t see another Death Note owner’s lifespan. Misa offers to be Light’s “eyes” if he can make her his girlfriend. Misa tells Light that she has been careful covering her tracks using disguises and letting other people put their fingertips all over the packages in which she sent the tapes. Light is being cautious because she has the power to kill him. However, Misa offers to give Light her notebook so that he can make sure she won’t kill him, and she can gain his trust. Misa tells him that she doesn’t mind if he uses her and kills her if she becomes a burden. She tells Light that Kira is like a god to her because he killed the criminals that killed her parents. She will do anything for Light. Light agrees to let her help him because he could use her as a valuable weapon… to kill L. Afterwards, though, he plans to dispose of her.

Chapter 30: Bomb

Misa asks Light if she could see his shinigami. Light makes her touch a piece of his Death Note, and Misa meets Ryuk.

All night, L has been going over the security camera tapes from Aoyama. He tells the team that Light is now the prime suspect in this case, and he is checking to see if they catch Light or the second Kira acting suspicious.

Misa tells Light the rule about shinigami being killed because they fell in love with a human. Misa then explains the extent of the power of her shinigami eyes. Then, Light asks her send a final tape to Sakura TV as the second Kira saying that she has decided not to meet the real Kira but will help Kira’s cause by killing the criminals that Kira hasn’t killed yet. He tells Misa that if she’s ever caught, she should never mention anything about the notebooks and the shinigami to the police. He explains that Light is already under heavy suspicion over being Kira and can’t really risk bringing Misa over to where L is. Light explains to her that he must go on dates with other girls in order to curtail more suspicion. Misa, who has proclaimed that she has fallen in love with Light, refuses to go along with it. Light threatens to kill her if she doesn’t obey, but Rem counters by saying that if he kills Misa, Rem will kill Light.

Chapter 31: Easy

After Misa leaves, Light realizes that Misa is a celebrity in Japan with her face plastered all over the Internet. Light bemoans the fact that Misa has now become less of an advantage and more of a burden.

When Light arrives at the headquarters the next day, the team is watching the final tape sent by the second Kira. Upon watching this, L deduces that the second Kira and the real Kira have joined forces. He refers to the fact that the second Kira changed his mind so suddenly about meeting Kira and has also started advocating Kira’s goals, as if he was ordered to by the real Kira. L also notes that he believes that it’s less likely that Light is Kira because if Light was Kira, he would order the second Kira to threaten L into revealing himself on TV. Light answers by saying that if he was Kira, he wouldn’t do that because he knows that L would find some way to not appear on TV. L acknowledges that he hopes Light isn’t Kira because Light may be his first friend ever.

Because L sensed a connection between Kira and the second Kira, Light decides that seeing Misa is now even more dangerous. Misa, however, shows up once again unannounced in the street, and Light takes her to his house. Light asks Rem if she cares for Misa, and if she will do anything to make her happy. When she answers yes, he asks if she could kill L because it will make Light happy, and Misa is only happy when Light is happy. Rem agrees because L means nothing to her.

Chapter 32: Gamble

Light instructs Rem not to kill L until he tells her to do it. Misa gives Light one of her phones so that he can easily contact her during emergencies. After Misa leaves, Light decides to kill L the next day before he decides to go into hiding or cut off Light’s access to him.

L is examining DNA evidence from the second Kira’s packages. He curtly tells Soichiro that if he dies in the next few days, then his son is Kira. L deduces that if Kira and the second Kira have indeed joined force, and Light is Kira, then he is in trouble. One of the task force detectives, Mogi, has been shadowing Light for the last couple of days, and he noticed that Misa visited Light. He told L.

Light is walking around the University campus with his current “girlfriend”, Kiyomi Takada, when he finds L sitting on a bench. L tells Light that he told investigators that they should assume that Light is Kira if L is killed over the next couple of days. Light begins to back out of his plan to kill L that day.

Suddenly, Misa appears behind Light and tells him that she couldn’t wait to see him. Light is horrified at Misa’s stupidity. However, when L introduces himself to Misa, he realizes that this is the most amazing thing that could ever happen. Misa has now seen L’s real name! She can tell him his name and he can kill him now.

However, Light notices that L smiled when he saw him and Misa interacting. He wonders if L has figured out that Misa is the second Kira. However, L just tells her that he is a big fan of Misa. Soon, Misa is surrounded by a crowd of people who are curious to see a real-life celebrity. Suddenly, L touches Misa’s rear. When confronted by Misa, he vows to catch the rude culprit.

Misa is, then, escorted away by her agent who tells her that she needs to go back to the studio right away. L also turns around to leave. Light quickly gets out the phone Misa gave him and starts to call Misa so that she could tell him his name.

Chapter 33: Removal

Light dials Misa’s number, and a phone in L’s pockets starts to ring.

Thrilled, L picks up Misa’s phone and answers. Light watches in disbelief. He realizes that earlier L had stolen Misa’s phone from her bag while she was distracted by the crowd. Light asks for Misa’s phone back.

Then, L’s own phone rings. After he hangs up, L tells Light that Misa Amane has been arrested on suspicion of being the second Kira. The arrest will be kept a secret from the public. Light is now wondering how long Misa will hold out without spilling the secret. He may have to kill her.

Misa is being held in an isolated room where she is completely tied to a metal board. She has not been given any food or water because she refuses to give investigators any information. The investigation team is shocked at L’s methods of getting a confession out of the second Kira.

In addition, L has officially concluded that Light is now the prime suspect in the Kira case. He tells Soichiro that his son will soon be interrogated.

Light wonders how he can stop Misa from talking. He fears Rem will kill him if he tries to kill Misa.

After three days, the investigators hear Misa talking where she is being detained. After three days without water, she has reached her limit. She begs, “Kill me! Hurry up and kill me.” L asks her if she’s acknowledging that she is the second Kira, and Misa answers that she knows nothing and would rather be dead. Rem, who is standing by her in the holding center, refuses to kill her.

Rem goes to Light’s house. She tells him that Misa has given up ownership of the Death Note. By losing ownership of the Death Note, Misa has given up her memories of her time with the Death Note. Then, Rem threatens to kill Light if he doesn’t save Misa. Light tells her not to worry because he has an idea.

Chapter 34: Imprisonment

In a deserted forest, Light tells Rem that he relinquishes the ownership of Misa’s Death Note. He has buried the Death Note in the forest and gives Ryuk specific instructions. The second that Light says “Get rid of it” to Ryuk, Light will give up ownership of his Death Note.

   Misa has once again awakened. However, she is continually referring to a stalker and asking to be let go. This puzzles the investigation team. She tells them that she assumes that she is being held hostage by a crazed stalker. It is as if she has no idea about the Kira investigation. When asked about Light, Misa acknowledges that he is her boyfriend when she had refused to do so earlier.

Then, Light enters the investigation headquarters claiming that he thinks he might be Kira. L is now convinced that Light is indeed Kira, and he is wondering what exactly he is planning. Soichiro is begging his son not to say such things, but Light answers that all of the evidence points to him, and even though he might have no consciousness of it, there’s a chance that he might be Kira. He fears that he’s losing his mind. L wonders if this is all part of Light’s plan. However, he orders that Light be restrained to the dismay of Soichiro.


This volume, appropriately titled “Love”, is the introduction of Misa Amane. When she becomes the second Kira, her only goal is to meet Kira. She meets Light Yagami and instantly falls in love. Thus, begins her tragedy.

She is immature and bratty, despite being older than Light. In addition, she is easily manipulated and used by Light, and she does not mind at all. Her love is so blind that all that matters to her is Light’s love. If she can get Light to love her, her life will have instant worth, and she will do anything to get it, even if it means giving up half of her lifespan for the shinigami eyes.

In addition, Misa does not truly believe in the ideals of Kira. She believes in having a powerful man protect her from evil, though. To Misa, that is Light.

However, Light could not care less about her. The only reason why he didn’t kill her was because she had the shinigami eyes. He saw a way to repeatedly manipulate and use her to perform the most evil of deeds. He took advantage of the fact that she would do anything that he asked her to.

Light may be popular with the ladies, but it’s obvious in his manipulation of Misa that he does not care for them, or any other human being for that matter. Even though L suggests and offers friendship to him, Light shuns it, calling him his enemy. In that sense, Light Yagami is truly alone in the world.

Rem is the opposite of most shinigami in Death Note. She comes to care a lot about humans, especially Misa. This is why she gets involved in the affairs of the humans she possesses. Unlike Ryuk, this can cause problems for her.

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