Volume 2: Confluence

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Chapter 8: Woman

After the incident from the last chapter, Raye Penber realizes that he might be in trouble so he makes Light promise not to tell anyone about him meeting an FBI agent. Light realizes that it's best that the police not know that he and Penber were in contact since it would probably get back to L.

Penber goes back to his hotel room where his fiancée is waiting for him. An exhausted Penber explains to her about the bus jacking incident. His fiancée wonders if it’s a coincidence that he happens to be in a bus with the suspect that he was tailing, and suddenly a criminal dies. Penber tells her that even though she may be a former FBI agent, he doesn’t want her involved.

Back in Light’s house, Ryuk asks him if he’s going to write Penber’s name down in the Death Note. Light tells him that it would look too suspicious if he does so immediately after they met. In addition, he wants Penber to show him the names and faces of every FBI agent sent to investigate the NPA.

L receives word that another victim has left a suicide note. This time, the note makes out the message “gods of death”  L puts both suicide notes together as, “L, Do you know gods of death…”

One week later, NPA headquarters receives the news that several FBI agents in Japan have died of heart attacks. The FBI director calls L telling him that he cannot get in contact with the 12 agents he sent to Japan, and he deduces that Kira has killed them. L asks the director if there was anyone who knew the names and faces of all 12 agents, and the director tells him that there was a request for a file with the face and names of the rest of the agents from multiple agents. The director sent it to the first four who requested the file assuming that the agents decided to work together. L deduces that if Kira can control a victim’s actions before they die, he could have probably made the FBI agents send each other the files before they were killed. The FBI agent tells him that he is terminating the FBI’s Kira investigation in Japan and that he will tell the NPA that the FBI was investigating them at L’s request.

The members of the NPA are angry at L for placing them under surveillance of the FBI and are even less distrustful of him. They are also shaken up by the fact that Kira is not afraid to kill anyone that got in his way.

Again, L receives word that yet another victim has left a suicide note. L puts all three suicide notes together, and to his frustration, it reveals the message, “L, Do you know gods of death love apples?” Angered, L is determined to find clues in the deaths of the FBI agents.

Chapter 9: Slots

L ponders that if Kira can control a victim’s actions before their deaths, he must have come into contact with the FBI agent who first received the file.

At dinner, Soichiro formally tells his family that he is in charge of the Kira investigation in Japan. Even though some of his task force has quit from fear of what Kira could do to him, he vows that he will continue his investigation and stand up to evil. Light tells his father that he is proud of him and that if anything should happen to his father, he will make sure Kira gets the death penalty. Ryuk amusingly remarks on Light’s acting skills.

In a flashback, a day earlier, Light is dressed in a beanie cap and hooded sweat-shirt and is walking in the underground Shinjuku station with Ryuk. He reveals to Ryuk that he has been performing a couple of experiments and has found out that if you write the cause and details of death in advance and then, write a name in front of it later, the person dies that way. Light sees Ray Penber and approaches from behind him. Flipping his hood farther down his eyes, he follows him and tells him, "If you turn around... I will kill you.

Light reveals to Penber that he is Kira and proves it by telling him that a coffee shop employee will die within two minutes. When he drops dead, Light tells Penber that he was a rapist that did not go to jail because of insufficient evidence.

Penber tells Light that he believes him. However, Light threatens Penber by telling him that he is holding someone he loves dearly hostage. Penber thinks this is his fiancée so he tells Light that he will do whatever he wants as long as she remains unharmed. Light gives him a large file containing a transceiver along with several large envelopes. He orders Penber to put on the earphones and get on a train. He warns him that he is still watching him from afar so he better not try to defy him.

While Penber sits nervously on the train, Light asks him to call a lower rank FBI officer and request that he send the names and faces of all agents working on this mission. Penber does so, and the officer tells him that he should get that information from the director. Light instructs Penber to tell the officer that there was a glitch in the e-mail attachment that he received from the director, and it was better if he received the file through someone else’s computer. Light then tells Penber to open the large envelopes, and take out a ball point pen and five smaller envelopes inside. All five envelopes are sealed with the exception of opens slots on the front of them. He instructs Penber to look at the photograph of every FBI agent from the file he received and write down their names in each slot. After he is done, Light tells him to put the envelopes back into the large envelope which he should place on the overhead rack. He orders Penber to remain on the train for thirty additional minutes, and then get off the train. When he does, he collapses and dies from a heart attack in front of Light Yagami who is standing back in the train grinning devilishly.

Meanwhile, L is still investigating the order which the FBI agents received the file. However, Light reveals that the times of death and order they receive the file were completely randomized.

Chapter 10: Confluence

Ray Penber’s fiancée is forming her own investigation over Penber’s death. She is convinced that Kira was among the passengers of the hijacked bus.

Meanwhile, Soichiro gives his men the choice to leave the dangerous Kira investigation without judgment. Only five men from the task force remain. L, through a computer, decides to reveal himself to the remaining task force. He tells the team to meet him in a hotel room where they will move the investigator headquarters.

In the meantime, a nervous Light obsesses as to whether he left any clues for L to figure out.

Chapter 11: One


The investigation team finally meets L, and they are surprised by the weird, disheveled appearance of the world’s greatest detective. L tells the team to sit down and for security reasons, call him “Ryuzaki” from now on.

L shares with the investigation team his thoughts on the Kira case. He knows that Kira somehow kills his victim without contact and that Kira only needs the name of a person and their face to perform this task. Matsuda suggests that they omit crime coverage from being shown on television, but L counters the idea by pointing out that Kira is childish and hates to lose a challenge. If they omit crime coverage from the television, Kira would stoop to killing civilians. In order to psyche Kira out, L suggest that they create a fake news report revealing that the U.S. was sending 1,500 investigators to hunt for Kira. L notes that Kira is working alone and somehow has access to task force information. L has deduced that Kira was being investigated by one of the twelve FBI agents, and Kira felt threatened enough to test his powers to see if he can control people’s actions before they died. This was five days after the FBI agents arrived in Japan so Kira was being investigated during the first five days. The investigation will begin investigating the people who were being shadowed during the first five days.

Chapter 12: God

Light volunteers to take some clothes to his father at the NPA task force office. He takes a piece of the Death Note with him just in case. At the headquarters, Light runs into Ray Penber’s fiancée who insists on meeting someone from the Kira task force. In order to find out what’s going on and gain the woman’s trust, Light offers to put Ray Penber’s fiancée in touch with his father, the head of the Kira task force. However, Soichiro is not answering his phone, so he left a message. Light offers to let her talk to his father when he calls him back. Penber’s fiancée is grateful, but Light is still anxious to find out what exactly she knows. Light smoothly moves the conversation away from the NPA security cameras. He asks her name, and she replies, “Shoko Maki.” Ryuk chuckles to himself.

When Light gains her trust by telling her that he suspects that Kira can control people’s actions before they die, Maki reveals her thoughts on Kira. She tells him that she thinks Kira can kill his victims using means other than heart attacks. She also tells him that she thinks her fiancée who was killed by Kira came into contact with him shortly before he died. She deduces that Kira was in the hijacked bus with Ray Penber, and Kira used her fiancée to kill the other FBI agents. She knows this because she remembered her fiancée telling her that he showed someone his ID during the hijacking. Light is shocked that she has figured it all out, but is thankful that he stopped her from telling the police.

Chapter 13: Countdown

Light decides to eliminate Ray Penber’s fiancée immediately before she tells anyone her suspicions. He starts by agreeing whole-heartedly with Maki’s suspicions and asking her the date and time of the bus jacking. Light whips out a piece of paper from his pocket, which turns out to be the Death Note. He pretends write down the information, but he is really writing down Shoko Maki’s name and cause of death as “suicide, starting at 1:15 p.m”. Light notices Ryuk once again chuckling to himself. Light talks to her until 1:15 p.m., but nothing happens. It finally hits Light. The name is an alias!

Ray Penber’s fiancée decides to go back to headquarters, and Light is determined to stop her and find out her real name. In a moment of frustration, he says that she is a woman and he will use force if he has to. (ft. vol. 2 pg. 125) Ryuk once again offers to trade the shinigami eyes for half of his life span, but Light refuses.

When L is finished investigating the task force, Watari, L’s shadowed assistant in coat, finally reveals himself to be an old man in a top hat. Watari brings each of the investigators fake IDs to use from now on.

Light figures that he has five minutes to figure Maki’s real name before she reaches the NPA building.

Chapter 14: Temptation

In addition to fake IDs, which they are not allowed pull out inside the NPA, Watari gives the Kira investigation transmitter belts that contacts Watari’s cell phone. L also instructs to always have someone in the NPA task force office.

In desperation, Light calls out to her and tells her that it’s impossible for her to talk to any of the task force members because they’re trying to keep their identities secret. Then, he lies to her by saying that he is part of the Kira investigation task force. Even though he is still in high school, he was recruited by L after so many other detective quit in fear for their lives. She is relieved and tells Light that talking to him was as good as talking to L. She says that she completely trusts L completely because she once worked with him as an FBI agent. Then, Maki tells him that she can trust Light too because she feels that he and L are similar somehow. Thrilled, Light asks her to join the Kira investigation and show her some identification. She shows her Japanese driver’s license, and pretends to write down the specifics of her time in the FBI on a piece of paper. In reality, he writes down “Naomi Misora”, her real name, in the Death Note, and her cause of death as “suicide, starting at 1: 25 p.m.”

When Naomi Misora asks the reason as to why he keeps looking at his watch, he answers, “I am Kira.” At 1: 25 p.m., Misora turns to leave saying that she has something she needs to do.

Chapter 15: Phone Call

Ukita, an NPA task force member, is at the NPA offices where he is being bombarded by phone calls from people who swear they are Kira.

Meanwhile, L is watching the video surveillance of some of the FBI agents the moment they died. While L is watching footage of Ray Penber, L notices that the agent stayed on the train for an hour and a half after he received the file before dying. Suddenly, L notices that Penber had an envelope when he entered the train, but didn’t have one when he exited the train. They deduce that Penber must have left the envelope on the train. They also notice him looking back at someone in the train as he was dying. L orders that they investigate Ray Penber’s case further.

Light has been writing names in the Death Note all night. He is scheduling their deaths a few weeks in advanced just in case something was to happen to him. It will look suspicious if L realizes that the deaths of criminals stop when Light is in the hospital. Light notices that no new information has popped up in his father’s computer, which means that there have been some major changes at the NPA. Light hides a piece of scrap from the Death Note in his wallet.

Ukita, from the NPA office, then calls L and tells him that he is on the line with a person who has interesting information about the Kira case. It is Naomi Misora’s mother who tells L that her daughter was Ray Penber’s fiancée. She tells him that after Penber’s  death, Misora decided to take the investigation into her own hands, but she hasn’t returned her phone calls in days. L remembers working with Misora and thinks it’s strange that she would commit suicide over her fiancée’s death. This is enough evidence for L to narrow down his investigation to the people that Ray Penber was shadowing. L decides to take drastic measures and set up listening devices and cameras in the homes, even though that’s illegal in Japan of the two NPA personnel that Penber was investigating. There were only two families that Penber was investigating: the family of Deputy Director General Kitamura and the family of Detective Superintendent Soichiro Yagami.

Chapter 16: Headstand

A shocked Soichiro Yagami asks what the probability of Kira is being in one of those families, and L answers five percent. Even though Soichiro believes this is out of line, he unwillingly allows L to thoroughly examine every inch of his house for the sake of the investigation. L wants the bugs and cameras to be placed for seven days.

Light goes back home from school and notices no one is home. He goes upstairs while L and Soichiro watch him through the surveillance cameras. Light enters his room and lies on his bed. Ryuk, meanwhile, is desperately trying to get his attention, but Light is ignoring him. Light puts on his coat and goes outside. He checks for bugs in the jacket before speaking to the frustrated Ryuk. Light tells Ryuk that he feels that there are bugs and cameras in his room because he checked his bedroom door handle. Whenever he leaves his room, Light always lowers the handle a little bit. When he comes back, if the door handle is still in the same position, everything is safe. However, the door handle is all the way up, which means that there was someone in that room.

Light gives Ryuk instructions to check for cameras in his room while he plays the part of Light Yagami, serious student and son of Soichiro Yagami.


The FBI agents are the first non-criminal innocent people that Light kills. They won’t be the last either. This is significant because it shows how Light will do anything to preserve his position as a dispenser of justice. He sees them as necessary sacrifices for the new world that he is planning on creating.

In this volume, we are formally introduced to Light’s rival, L. He may wear disheveled clothes and sit strangely but behind the oddness, lies one of the greatest minds in the world. He is the only person that truly poses a threat to Light. Because he hides his face and his name, Light cannot get rid of him easily like he did with the FBI agents and Naomi Misora. As we see in this volume, L is able to think of clever ways of collecting evidence and piece them together in order to come up with solutions that no one could ever imagine. He is also extremely suspicious of everything and everyone and will not hesitate to investigate even if the answers are unpleasant. This is why he has no qualms in investigating Light Yagami while his father, Soichiro, helplessly watches.

With L, Ohba introduces a second protagonist (or antagonist, depending on how you look at it.) Both Light and L are likeable characters, and Ohba portrays them as such. However, it is up to the reader to decide on who they will ultimately root for. Personally, I was rooting for both. I did not want Light to be caught, but I did not want L to be killed either. It is the dilemma that Ohba presents to us. One will always win over the other.

Naomi Misora is noteworthy in the series because she is the only character, other than L, Near and Mello, to figure out the details of Kira from the evidence she had. Even though in the end, she was killed because she failed to figure out that Light was Kira. She still got closer than most characters so her story is especially tragic. She is also the first character, other than L, to make truly make Light nervous and almost panic.

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