Volume 10: Deletion

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Chapter 80: Clean-up

The supporters of Kira are rushing the SPK’s headquarters. Light tells Near that he must escape. Near answers, “Look who’s talking, Kira.”

Near reveals that he has concluded that the new L is Kira. He points out that it’s funny how the mob shows up shortly after Mogi arrives.  In addition, no one could have known that Mogi was coming here except for the NPA members. With the rest of the investigation team listening, Near proclaims that Kira is among them. After he is finished killing Near and Mogi, he will turn around and kill the rest of the investigation team.

Upon hearing Near’s speech, Aizawa now starts to believe that maybe what Near is saying is true, especially since the former L, also, suspected Light.

As the mob closes in on the building, Near notices that most of the mob is made up of people who are just looking for a good time destroying things and killing people. He decides to take advantage of that.

The SPK decides to throw money off the building in order to divert the attention of the mob as they make their escape with Mogi. Just then, the riot police tries to quell the mob. All of the SPK members along with Mogi then disguise themselves in riot police uniform in order to escape from the building.

After the riot, the investigation team could not track Mogi down. Light is confident that Mogi will not give Near any information.

Meanwhile, Aizawa thinks to himself that if the “13 day” rule is indeed fake then Light and Misa’s confinement did not prove their innocence. Aizawa decides to investigate Light by himself, fearing that if Light was Kira, he would be killed.

After many days of questioning, Mogi is still not talking to Near. He decides to try and recruit another member of the Japanese police force who may feel doubts about Light’s true identity.

Chapter 81: Warning

Light is pondering on what exactly to do next. In case of an emergency, Light begins to look for people that he could give the Death Note to in order to curtail suspicion of him. He finds a 27-year old prosecuting attorney named Teru Mikami who believes Kira is god. He’s perfect.

Meanwhile, Aizawa is still having second thoughts about the Light Yagami after what Near said.

Finally, Near gets into contact with Light. He tells Light that Mogi has died of a heart attack. However, he is lying because Mogi is in the building with his mouth taped shut.

Now, Light is panicking because the other members now have grounds to newly suspect him as Kira. He has to get Misa to give up the notebook, and let go of the memories of her being Kira. However, the killings must not stop.

Near ends the phone call by inviting anyone who suspects that a member of the Japanese task force is Kira to call him with their suspicions. Aizawa decides that he will call Near.

Immediately, Light orders Misa to give up ownership of the Death Note and send it to the address he specified.

Then, he lets Near and any member of the investigation team know that if they want to contact Near, they are free to do so.

Aizawa calls Near and asks him to come to where he is under the condition that he tells no one about his actions. When Aizawa agrees, Near admits to him that Mogi is really alive and asks if he wants to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Teru Mikami has received the Death Note from Misa and strict instructions from Kira. He is thrilled to be working for his god.

Chapter 82: Himself

Light knows that Aizawa has accepted the offer, but he has made Misa give up the notebook and got rid of all of the evidence. Besides, stopping Aizawa would seem suspicious.


Aizawa arrives at the new SPK headquarters with a blindfold on. Before taking off the blindfold, Near asks if he had cameras and wires during the day of the riot, and Aizawa answers that he did. Near assumes that the camera was brought along so that Kira could try to see Mello’s face because Kira had not made the deal with the shinigami to get the eyes. Near orders that Aizawa’s blindfold be taken off.

Aizawa tells Near that he still doesn’t completely trust him, but he admits that his theory does make sense, especially if the “13 day” rule is fake. Near confesses that his and Mello’s methods may seem severe, but it’s all out of a desire to catch Kira who killed L, their idol who they respected and longed to be like.

Aizawa tells Mello that the former L placed the present L and a second person under confinement for more than 50 days in order to verify their innocence. They weren’t completely exonerated until they discovered about the “13 day” rule. He tells them that after the 50 days, L was still reluctant to let them go free. Therefore, L devised a plan to make Soichiro Yagami pretend to execute the suspected Kira and second Kira saying, “I’m going to kill Kira, and then kill myself.” When Soichiro was not killed, they concluded that the suspects could not be Kira, and L released them.

 Near concludes that Kira predicted his confinement, wrote the fake rules within the real rules, gave the notebook to someone else, waited until L caught the person and read the fake rule.

Aizawa believes that this theory makes sense. However, it is all based on assumptions. Then, Near asks Aizawa for the names of the two people, but he refuses to tell them.

Near thanks Aizawa for his cooperation and predicts that the new L has probably already found a replacement second Kira to do the killings for him. This is why it will be hard for him to investigate.

However, Near points to the fact that Soichiro Yagami said, “I’m going to kill Kira, and then kill myself,” which leads him to believe that Soichiro and the Kira suspect were related. He concludes that the present L and possible Kira is Light Yagami.

Chapter 83: Deletion

Near orders Hal Linder to tell Mello everything that Mogi and Aizawa revealed except the fact that L/Kira is Light Yagami. He feels like they will have a better chance of knowing L’s whereabouts if they’re both looking.

The freed Aizawa and Mogi decide to start investigating Misa. They plan to search her house and keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Mello and another young man named Matt, upon receiving a tip from Linder, begin to tail Aizawa and Mogi.

They go to Misa’s house, under the pretense that there’s a bomb threat. When a notebook is nowhere to be found, Mogi stays with Misa in order to spy on her. Mello orders Matt to keep an eye on Mogi and Misa while he follows Aizawa.

Aizawa comes back to headquarters and admits that he has been to see Near. He tells Light that he suspects him again, and he will be keeping an eye on him now. Mogi is already spying on Misa. Light does not denounce the actions, or else he’ll look suspicious.

However, he wonders just how exactly he’s going to give Mikami specific instructions when he is under such intense scrutiny.

The director of Sakura TV, Demegawa, has begun to ask the viewers of “Kira’s Kingdom” to send in money to build extravagant chapels. Light fears that without Misa around to give him instructions, Demegawa has become blinded by money and has turned away from Kira’s cause. Mikami is watching the same program and is disgusted by Demegawa as well. He decides to take matters under his own hands and kill Demegawa with his shinigami eyes. He feels that this would be Kira’s will.

Light watches Demegawa die on T.V. and is impressed that Mikami understands Kira’s thoughts and ideals so well. However, he’s disturbed that Mikami was able to act without receiving orders.

Chapter 84: Coincidence

This chapter details the biography of Teru Mikami.

Teru grew up an intelligent child with a strong sense of justice. He divided the people of the world into two categories: good and evil.

He would often protect the younger kids from bullies, believing that he was fighting the good fight against evil. However, as he got older, it became harder for him to prevail against the bullies. A despondent Teru asked his beloved mother for comfort, but all she told him was, “You can’t expect everything in this world to follow your rules.”

Teru began to deny his mother’s existence, and the very next day, the four bullies who were harassing him died in a car crash and hit an innocent bystander—his mother. Even though he was at first intimidated by these thoughts, he was thrilled that the classroom was now peaceful after the bullies’ deaths. He decided that for the good of the world, he should deny the existence of people who are evil.  He believed he was bringing the people justice.

Then, he discovered Kira, and he knew he found his god. He joined “Kira’s Kingdom”, hoping that his god will take notice of him. Then, he was sent the Death Note by Kira, and he knew he was chosen one to dispense justice in the name of Kira. He was now a god.

While Mikami busily writes the name of criminals in the Death Note and mutters “delete” after every name, Ryuk tells him that he is going back to Kira’s.

Chapter 85: Election

Mello has been spying on Mogi and Misa for quite a long time. He can’t believe that a girl so stupid as Misa is the second Kira. However, if she has the shinigami eyes, then Kira might be using her. Meanwhile, Matt is spying on the Japanese police headquarters, and there has been no significant movement.

The SPK has been uncovering information about Light Yagami. The most interesting bit is the fact that he was often seen with another guy named Ryuga Hideki. One day, Ryuga, Light Yagame, and Misa Amane were all seen at the To-Oh University campus, and then they were never seen again.  Near is now convinced that Light Yagami’s fiancée is the second Kira.

However, Near is convinced that person doing the killings now is someone other than Misa. He believes that Light is controlling this person.

After Demegawa’s death, Sakura TV is in search of a new Kira spokesperson. Some corporations have now started putting in their commercials that they support Kira.

Aizawa is still keeping an eye on Light, and he feels pressured not to make any obvious moves in contacting Mikami.

Meanwhile, Mikami is feeling increasingly frustrated that Kira has not given him any instructions. He decides to try to talk to Kira directly. He goes on “Kira’s Kingdom” and looking at the camera, asks that he would like to hear Kira’s voice and that he will earnestly follow any of his wishes. If he doesn’t receive orders, he promises to put Kira’s goals into actions. Light understands that this is Mikami’s way of reaching out to Kira.

Mikami decides to wait three days for Kira’s answers. If no answer comes, he will personally choose Kira’s next spokesperson. Four days later, Matsuda tells the team that NHN anchorwoman Kiyomi Takada, Light’s ex-girlfriend from To-Oh, has been spoken to spread the message of Kira.

Chapter 86: Japan

Mikami had met Takada before and discussed Kira with her. She secretly admires Kira so the choice is perfect.

Light is surprised at the coincidence that Mikami would choose someone that has a connection to him as Kira’s spokesperson. However, Light sees this as advantage because he can now use Takada to give instructions to Mikami. Mogi remembers that Takada was Light’s ex-girlfriend and decides to step outside with Aizawa.

After watching Misa extensively, Mello has concluded that, even though Misa might have been the second Kira once, that is no longer the case. From the conversation she had with Mogi, Mello heard the name Light Yagami a lot. He knows that Soichiro had a son named Light and that Mogi, and Aizawa are being cautious around a man named Light. He concludes that the present L is Light Yagami.

As Matt watches from a far, Mogi tells Aizawa that he remembers that when he was tailing Light under L’s orders, he saw Takada with Light. He believes that she is his ex-girlfriend.

Light tells the team that he feels that they should now move the investigation to Japan because he believes that Kira is there and that they can get to Kira through Takada.  Light thinks she’s a Kira worshipper who will be flattered if Light asks her about her connection to Kira.

Meanwhile, Near figures that Light is now unable to get close to the current owner of the Death Note because the other members of the investigation team are keeping an eye on.  Near commands Rester  to find as much as he can on Takada in order to get close to her.

From the airport, Light calls Takada.

Chapter 87: Tomorrow

Light decides to seduce his ex-girlfriend in order to get her to trust him. Then, he’ll be free to use her however he wants.

He plans to book a hotel room and invite her over.

Meanwhile, Mello notices that Mogi and Misa are at LAX waiting to catch an airplane to Japan. He calls Matt and tells him that they will follow them to Japan.

Aizawa reminds Light that he will be planting cameras and wires in the hotel room in order to keep an eye on him.

As they all watch Takada on the news, Light worries that Mikami may be taking things a bit too far when he kills people who commit crimes without evil intent and those who are lazy. However, this motivates him to start manipulating Takada now so that she can relay messages to Mikami.

Takada arrives at the hotel room after the nine o’clock news. Light starts off by telling her that he has missed her terribly. However, he gets down to business by pretending to admit that Kira was right in his goals, but that Takada should, as a journalist, question Kira’s ideals as well as spread them. After that, they sit quietly for a long time, and then Takada tells him that he has to go. Before she leaves, Light tells her that he wants to see her again.

Chapter 88: Conversation

When he hears on the news that Kira is now beginning to punish those with criminal records, Light feels like Mikami is going to far since Kira exists to prevent future crimes, not to punish people who have already atoned.

Mikami is watching the news. Takada is starting to express her own opinions just like Light told her too. Mikami thinks this is out of character for Takada and wonders if Kira has given her order to do so.

Near is also surprised that Takada is acting strangely. According to Rester’s report, Takada had a secret meeting with someone at a hotel room. When Near asks Rester to find out who was it that Takada met, Nester responds by saying that Takada is surrounded by bodyguards, and it’s almost impossible to get near her.

Takada meets Light once again at a hotel room. Suddenly, Takada gets a call from someone calling himself Kira. It is Mikami. He orders her to turn on the television. He proves that he is really Kira by killing the commentator on T.V. The investigation team looks on in horror. Mikami asks her where she is, and she responds that she is in a hotel room with a friend. Mikami then asks her if this is the same friend that made her express her own opinions on television, and Takada says yes. Mikami demands that he puts him on the phone. When Light speaks on the phone, Mikami asks if he’s god. Light reassure Mikami that he’s the real Kira by off-handedly mentioning subtle clues. Mikami figures out that Kira is being watched and can’t speak freely.

Meanwhile, Light writes a note for Takada and the whole investigation team to see that says that Kira is nearby and is asking Takada’s bodyguards to remove all of the cameras and wires from the rooms. Light writes that he must take them out before he is caught. When he has taken out all of the wires and cameras, he tells Takada that he is Kira. He explains to them that he is being watched and can’t deliver messages directly to Mikami. His plan is to meet Takada, give her instructions through notes, and have her send them to Mikami.

Light then promises Takada that after he promises to make her a goddess in his new utopian world. He calls the investigation team to tell them that he has decided to pretend to have a relationship with Takada in order to gain more information on Kira.


Near knows that he has no evidence that the new L is Kira. He has learned from L’s death to never underestimate the power of Kira. Near has also been unwilling to get closer to Kira like the former L did. Instead, Near has come up with the brilliant strategy of turning Light’s investigators against him. He is manipulating the NPA task force into telling him all he needs to know about the so-called “new L.” Near purposely made outrageous statements, which may or may not be true, in order to cast doubt in people like Mogi and Aizawa who might get suspicious.

Teru Mikami is an interesting character because in his beliefs, he is exactly like Light Yagami. He believes that the world is a rotten place, and all of the evil needs to be cleanse. He believes that he is the best judge in pronouncing who needs to live and who deserves death. In fact, he goes so far to exclaim that now he has the power of god.

However, the only thing that’s holding him back to completely taking over as god is his loyalty to Kira. His bold actions are done out of his need for instructions from Kira. He seeks solace in Kira’s goal and feels thankful that a god has chosen him to be one of the dispensers of justice.

In addition, Mikami lacks the logical reasoning of Light. He often goes too far with his judgments by killing the lazy and people with criminal records when Light knows that it is not wise to start doing things like that… yet.  Mikami’s extreme loyalty and lack of reasoning will be an extremely important disadvantage for Light in later chapters.

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