Before you start reading the story summaries for each volume of Death Note, make sure to read these notes.

how to read manga

First of all, Death Note is a Japanese manga, and Japanese characters are read from right to left. This is the opposite of English where you read words from left to right. On the scans that I have posted on this Web site, you read all panels from right to left, and you read the thought bubbles from right to left (regardless of which thought bubble is above.) Reference the picture for more guidance.

In addition, Light Yagami is the official English translation of the protagonist's name. In Japanese, his name is romanized to Yagami Raito (Raito means Light, and in Asian countries, the last name Yagami comes first). I will be using the name "Light Yagami", but some subtitles and translations of the scans use the name "Raito." Also, the characters refer to L as Ryuzaki for most of the series. However, I have referred to him in most of the story summaries as "L". When looking at the videos or reading the scans, you will see the characters refer to Ryuzaki. Remember that they are referring to L.

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