About Death Note

The Creators

The writer, Tsugumi Ohba-

Not much information is known about the author other than the profile that appears in the beginning of every volume, which states that he/she was born in Tokyo, collects teacups, and develops manga plots while holding his/her knees on a chair (similar to the character L.) However, many believe that this is merely the pen-name for another well-known mangaka who wished to keep his/her identity secret.

The artist, Takeshi Obata-

According to his profile, Obata was born in 1969 in Niigata, Japan. He often works as primary illustrator in collaboration with a primary writer. Besides Death Note, he is best known as the artist for the Shonen Jump series Hikaru no Go.

Death Note

Death Note was first serialized on December 2003 in the Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. The series ran for a total of 108 chapters and was divided and collected into 12 separate graphic novel volumes. All 12 volumes have been released in Japan. A 13th non-story volume titled "Death Note - How to Read" was recently released in Japan that contains extra information. To date, Death Note has sold around 20 million copies in Japan.

Viz Media eventually licensed Death Note for North American publication with the first English language volume released in October 2005. As of April 2007, only ten volumes of Death Note have been released in North America. The 11th volume will be released May 1, 2007.

Death Note was adapted to the big screen with two live action movies released in Japan. In addition, Death Note was also adapted into an anime series, which stays faithful to the manga.

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