How To Scrapbook
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Layout Ideas

Photo Mosaics

Select a photo you particularly like. Ones with a scenic view or a lot of background surrounding the subject are the best. Make sure to have a second copy just in case you’re not happy with the way it turns out. Using scissors and a ruler, cut the photo into uniform squares. Then reassemble the photo onto a piece of plain cardstock and attach with adhesive. For a funkier look, try cutting the photo into different shapes and different sizes.


To give your pages an antique feel, take a piece of sand paper to the cardstock and pre-made accents you bought. To create a scratchy look, use a coarse grain. For a gently distressed look, use a finer grain. Once you’ve sanded it down to the look you prefer, wipe with a tissue.


Brads have become extremely popular with scrapbookers are available at craft stores in so many wonderful colors. They are quick and easy to attach and add flare to the page. First, punch a hole in the cardstock. Then push the brad through the hole, flip the cardstock over and press the prongs flat.


Hinges are perfect if you want to conceal additional photos or if you want to include some journaling but don’t want to it be visible at first. Use a brad or eyelet to attach the hinge to the top photo or piece of cardstock. Figure out where you want it to be on you page and attach the other half of the hinge with adhesive. If you attach the bottom half with a fastener, the pay may not lie flat.

Page Pockets

Want to add more photos or hold the ticket stubs from the play you went to see? Just make a pocket and they’ll be tucked away perfectly. Trim a piece of cardstock to your desired size and decorate. Flip the pocket over and apply double-sided tape around the sides and bottom (foam-mounting tape will give it a 3-D look). Press on the background and fill.

Stamping with Bleach

Line a shallow dish or bowl with a couple of layers of paper towel. Saturate them with a little bleach. Press your stamp into the paper towel and then on to your cardstock. Make sure you allow it to dry completely. Remember the effect will be different on different brands of paper and different colors.

Hand Stitching

Make sure you use a ruler and a pencil to mark exactly where you want your stitches to go! Otherwise, you’ll have super crooked stitches that won’t look as good. Once the dots are marked, use a needle or paper piercer to punch holes in the cardstock. Sew just like you would with fabric. Experiment with different kinds of stitches—backstitch, chain stitches or French knots.