Spring 2007 student projects

MMC 3260

Kimberly Agnello: How to Scrapbook

Carla Astudillo : The Story of Death Note

Allyson Ayers : All about Cupcakes

Carlos Baez : Puerto Rico: A brief glimpse

Ashley Brunton: Wedding planning

Traci Coates : So you want an English Bulldog?

Luanne Dietz: Photo field trips to High Springs, Fla.

Evan Drexler: Fantasy Sports: A Basic Guide

Lori Finkel: You Oughtta Know About Coffee

Katie Gallagher: The Best Coffee in Gainesville?

Mike Harkins : Bracketography

Drew Harwell: Happy pills: Youth and Ecstasy

Rebekah Hudder: The Study Abroad Experience

Bryan Jones : Florida Marlins

Rachel Libert: Marathon running

Gabriel Lopez: Honduras

Vincent Massaro: Inside the funny mind of Woody Allen

Julie McAdams: The Wine Amateur

Sharon McClintic: Movers & shakers: Contemporary belly dance

Mauri Mohler: Vintage fashion

Stephanie Rodriguez:

Daniel Sanmiguel: FSPA: Reality Round-up 2007

Matthew Schatzel: Tool Side Projects

Andrew Stanfill: Thermopylae: The battle to save Greece

Stephanie Stinson: Crash Course in Scuba

Kelley Vogel: Metropolitan Bakery

Megan Walker: Sliding the pole: Firefighters tales

Ben Wilhelm: All that's "Free" on the Internet

Laura Wright: You Choose in '08: Democratic Candidates


MMC 5015

Kristen Bartlett: Mountaintop Removal

Rati Kumar: India: Global yet still local

Tolulope Odubela: HIV / AIDS

Candice Pauley: The Art of Storytelling

Nadya Vera: War of words Animal agriculture vs. factory farming

Matt Walker: REM: A new musical path

Alex Zuffoletti: Arranged Marriages

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