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Chromoly Steel Chassis

300 inches of chromoly steel tubing are required to keep a Top Fuel Dragster going in a straight line down the race track. 300 inches is the maximum wheelbase allowed by the NHRA. This long wheelbase helps the dragster keep its course and flexes at launch. The flex of the chassis allows some of the energy of the launch to be absorbed which helps the dragster gain traction.

4 main frame rails, two top and two bottom on each side, are the main structure with additional pieces creating triangles for strength. The most visible component of the chassis is the roll cage to protect the driver. The roll cage is a 6-point cage that protects the drivers head in case of an accident. It gets its name of a 6-pont cage because there are 6 points where the roll cage connects to the chassis.

dragster chassis
A dragster chassis is made from round chromoly steel tubing