Top Fuel Dragster

The National Hot Rod Association is the premier governing body for the sport of drag racing in the United States. There are many classes to compete in, but there is only one class where the vehicles cover the quarter mile in less than 4.5 seconds; 4.440 seconds to be exact. And this ultimate class is Top Fuel Dragster.

And with a top speed of 336.15 miles per hour, these 8,000 horsepower vehicles aren’t for the squeamish of heart. It takes special racing fuel, special tires, tremendous downforce, 300 inches of steel, and 8,000 plus horses to make these vehicles reach astounding performance feats. With 6 G-forces from the start of acceleration, nothing accelerates faster on land than a Top Fuel Dragster. And with negative 6 G-forces when the parachutes deploy at 300 miles per mile, Top Fuel Dragsters are the most violent ride one can have on land.