Waving from our tent in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, FL

is not only a childhood dream of mine, but also the aspiration of many of us struggling through the 9-5 daily routine. Although nature is all around us, its beauty can be lost amidst rush hour traffic, monthly bills, smog alerts and 24-hour supermarkets. We love convenience and often depend on it. The closest we get to living out in the wild is camping out in front of our TV's on Thursday night to watch Survivor. We want something more.

Shane and I want an experience to remember and learn by. Our camping trips are the closest we have come to roughin' it, falling short of the commitment we'd like to make. Project Wilderness puts our motivations into perspective, while educating and inspiring us to make our childhood dreams a reality. I hope you can learn a bit about nature and rustic life, and maybe even decide to take a trip out to the woods next weekend instead of the movies.