The War of The Worlds Broadcast
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Why Did We Believe?

Radio's Reputation

Learn about the role of radio in the 1930sDuring the 1930s, radio was considered an intimate and credible medium. . .

Mass Hysteria

Learn about mass hysteriaThe War of the Worlds hoax was effective at fooling audiences because it created mass hysteria. . .

Dropping Names

Learn about the performers' use of real names and placesThe War of the Worlds performers used familiar names and places as the setting for the alien attack. . .

Paranoia and Depression

Learn about the war anxiety of Americans at the time of the broadcastOne Explanation for The War of The Worlds panic is that the show aired just after the Munich crisis, a war scare that was referenced at the start of the broadcast. . .

We Interupt This Program. . .

Learn about the performers' use of news bullitiensThe Mercury Theater used a convincing format to present The War of The Worlds to radio listeners. . .


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