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Girl you know. . .it's fake?

Milli Vanilli show their grammy awards in 1991 (image from the late 80s, musicians Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, better known as Milli Vanilli, achieved international fame and fortune with their catchy pop hits and stylish appearance.(6) The duo had everything audiences were looking for: the look, the charisma and the dance steps. Their hit singles like “Blame it on the Rain,” and “Girl You Know It's True” reached the top of the billboard charts and helped them win the 1989 Grammy for best new artist.(6)

But there was one thing Milli Vanilli lacked. The attractive performers did not sing on any of their award-winning hits. They were lip-synching to the songs of a less marketable band called Numarx.(6) Producer Frank Farien hired the good looking Pilatus and Morvan to give Numarx's music more commercial appeal.

Although they were merely Farien's puppets, Pilatus and Morvan let fame and success go to their heads.(6) They became arrogant and demanding, and in 1990, a fed up Farien exposed Millli Vanilli as frauds. The group was stripped of its Grammy and faced law suits from an angry public.

Arista, the group's record label, dropped Milli Vanilli. The “artists” tried releasing another album, but they could never overcome the lip-synching scandal.(6)

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