In the United States, whether you are of middle-eastern decent or if you just enjoy exploring the ancient culture, being exposed to the middle eastern realm quite often revolves around enjoying exotic food, smelling the various aromas exuding from a hookah and being visually entertained by a belly dancer. It is true to say that belly dancing is mostly interpreted as an entertainment service, but this is only half the story. In this site, you will explore the origins of the dance and how its purpose extends far beyond the common misconception.

Shems at the Dance from the Heart show, Va.

"The Ethnic Dance student must begin training her body -- muscle by muscle. She must learn the musical rhythms and their meanings. She must know which movements goes with what rhythm. She must also understand the heart of mankind and her own heart to become another being in another place and time to embody the passions and motivations of another culture's primal truths."
~ Sallamah Chimera

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