Intro to Weblogs

Weblogs: An Overview

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Weblogs, or Blogs for short are often likened to journals. The entries made to blogs can be either interactive, or non-interactive. If they are interactive others can add commentaries to the entry. The person who writes this online journal is known as a Blogger. One of the most attractive elements of a blog is that they can be written with relative ease by anyone about anything. Blog topics range from the serious to the frivolous ( Like most things online, blogs are evolving. They are no longer restricted to text only entries. As this is being written, there are people taking pictures with their phones to blog, in what’s called a Moblog. Likewise, there are others who are opting to create video logs of what interests them in what are known as Vlogs. More impressive still, people are taking the concept of blogging to a whole new level and producing audio shows in a new format called Podcasting.

The following gives an in depth look at the different kinds of blog formats found online, from the most common form of blogging to the most recent innovations within the blogosphere. More on Weblogs