New Media Weblogs

The Changing Media Environment

Why is New Media important?

New media is changing how we live our daily lives, sometimes with our not ever realizing it. Other times, it's a sublte change, here and there. According to an article in Wired titled Newspapers Should Really Worry, the sales of newspapers like the Washington Post have decreased dramatically. According to research done by the Washington Post, more people are turning to online forms of news. What's more, more people are expecting their online news to be free. (Wired, November 24, 2004)

How do Weblogs factor in?

Since 2002, when blogs began to gain some noteriety in the media people payed attention. Now many people can be found visiting blogs for their news in conjunction with traditional online news forms. This bottom up approach that people are turning to more and more indicates that the large media corporations may loose to the masses. This is why blogs are important, and why they are discussed in this website.