Israel is not covered in this site, there has been enough already written on it. Instead I will focus on the ancient, albeit tiny, Jewish community on the Isle of Djerba in Tunisia.

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Ghriba Synagogue on Isle of Djerba, Tunsnia, is Africa's oldest synagogue and is said to date from 586 BC. It is still functioning, despite a recent terrorist bombing.

The community dates back to Roman times. Most of the Jews of Djerba have emigrated to Israel, but 2,000 still live there. Djerba has a long history of ethnic harmony, so much so that Jews and Muslims celebrated holidays together.

But in recent times that reputation has been marred, because of several terrorist attacks. A recent example is on April 11, 2002, when a truck full of explosives was detonated close to the ancient Ghriba synagogue, killing 21 people. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite these security concerns, the synagogue continues to be a popular Passover pilgrimage, even drawing Jews from all around the globe.

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