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Shi'ites in Karbala, Iraq on the holiday of Ashura. To mourn the martyrdom of Hussein in 680, self-flagellation is commonplace, with children often participating as well.

People from the West often wrongly think of the Muslim world as monolithic. Because of recent ethnic and religious conflict in Iraq, words like ‘Shi’ite’ and ‘Assyrian,’ have increasingly become more frequently used in the news. But from the Mandaeans, the only surviving Gnostic religion, to the Zaidis, mostly found in Yemen, there are scores of ancient cultures and faiths that live on in utter obscurity – sometimes even forgotten by many people in their own countries.

This site is not meant to be an exhaustive list of minorities in the Muslim world, but its purpose is to highlight many of the fascinating and little known religions and cultures in it, some of which will, in all likelihood, cease to exist by the next century. Or, sadly, even sooner than that.

AP Photo from http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/050408/481/kab10304081216

Afghani Shi'ites in Kabul

NOTE: Shi’ites are considered minorities on this site, because throughout their history, including now, they have been viewed as such by the majority of Muslims.

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